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The Best White Noise Machines for the Office of 2023: Work in Peace

Although favored by many businesses, open concept working spaces aren't always the most conducive to a high-performing, productive workforce.

Office environments provide multiple distractions such as telephones ringing, conversations, and keyboard noise.

With performance being directly related to an employee's ability to focus, maintaining an acoustically-balanced working space is paramount to all employers.

The Best White Noise Machines for Offices

White noise machines for offices are used to produce soothing background sounds that relieve stress and distraction, therefore increasing productivity and the overall ambiance of the workspace.

1. Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine

Some white noise machines play prerecorded noise on a loop which can be annoying. The Dohm generates noise using an internal fan. Although the sound replicates that of a fan, there is no actual air generated so the user doesn't have to worry about the temperature dropping in their room.

The Dohm couldn't be easier to operate. Plug the 7ft. cable into an outlet, choose a power setting, high or low, and listen to it work its magic. High-speed masks louder background distractions while the low fan setting creates a comfortable and soothing sound for your brain to tune into.

It is fully customizable; the top half of the unit is a twistable dial. Rotate it in either direction to adjust the sound and tone.

It is lightweight and stands at less than 6-inches tall making the Dohm fully portable. It is versatile enough to cancel out the noise of annoying work colleagues in the office, traffic outside the window when you're trying to sleep, and for use in hotels and on campsites when you go on vacation.

The Dohm has an almost infinite number of settings, there is always a tone to suit your needs. Whether you need a gentle hum or something much louder to cancel irritating distractions, this model is worthy of serious consideration.

It is available in a wide range of colors enabling it to complement the decor or blend into the background, wherever you choose to use it. It is affordable, effective, and extremely user-friendly.

The Dohm is a risk-free purchase. Try it for 101-nights and if you don't love it, Marpac will give you your money back.

2. Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan White Noise Sound Machine

The LectroFan is a compact device that can sit comfortably on a desk, bedside cabinet, or anywhere that unwanted noise creates an issue.

It only draws 2.5-watts so is very economical to run for long periods.

The LectroFan has multiple sounds and volume settings; there is bound to be one to mask or drown out the loudest noises.

There are 10-varying fan settings, each one mimics a different fan ranging from a small desktop, to a mid-range oscillating fan, ending at an industrial model. Find the noise you prefer by clicking through the fan button. Once your choice is made, set your preferred volume level with the precision control.

If fan noise isn't your thing, the button marked white noise has 10-different options. Similarly, scroll through the settings by clicking the buttons. The machine begins with brown noise to cover the lowest pitch settings, through amber and pink, before it lands on pure white noise.

The integrated memory function stores your choice until the unit is powered on again.

It also has a timer function, ideal for use by those that struggle to sleep. Set in increments of an hour, the volume will gradually decrease until it's barely audible.

The LectroFan has fewer moving parts as there is no internal fan. With breakdown issues being less likely, the white noise machine is more durable with a good life expectancy.

This is an excellent choice for any office space to prevent stressful noise interruptions and increase concentration levels. Total personalization of the sound output makes it compatible for any setting, home or office, or hotel.

The large speaker plays hi-fi sound clearly and the AC or USB connection provides greater use options. With a 1000-day satisfaction guarantee, this machine is surely worth a try.

3. Magicteam Sound White Noise Machine 

This is the first white noise machine to be featured that offers more than just fan and white noise sound.

It has multiple variants including lots of natural sounds to calm and soothe. Birdsongs, a babbling brook, the ocean, rain, and a bonfire are just some of the sounds included. The machine doesn't loop the tracks – it isn't the same recorded 20-minutes played over and over again. Instead, it's consistently new noise for as long as you leave the machine powered on.

There is a setting for various color hues, white, brown, pink, and blue. The Magicteam will emit similar sounds to white noise but with different tones.

The unit is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand yet surprisingly powerful, it has 32-volume settings. It is discreet enough to sit in the corner of a work desk and to go unnoticed by passing colleagues. Personalize the sound output and feel safe in the knowledge that the world can carry on around you as you stay focused on your work.

The timer feature enables continual play or it can be set at hourly increments to turn off automatically when you leave the office or fall asleep.

It also has a memory function to restore the settings to their last use. If you find a sound that is perfect for you, the machine will store it.

4. Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

The Big Red Rooster can run with the supplied AC adaptor or with three AA batteries.

It is ideal for traveling as it is small and light, the battery option makes it easier still.

The Big Red Rooster model has 6-inbuilt sounds. The classic white noise is one of them, along with brook, summer night, rain, ocean, and thunder. Interchanging between each one is done at the touch of a button. The sounds are all crisp and clear, and looping is done seamlessly.

The timer function enables the user to set 15, 30, or 60-minute increments. If you're using it to aid sleep, it can be left to run safely, continually through the night. Some LEDs illuminate to show exactly which setting you're on.

It is simple to mask background noise and to create an ideal undisturbed working environment. It is versatile to be used at home or in the office and is safe for all ages.

Ths Red Rooster is inexpensive, effective, small enough to be portable yet loud enough to get the job done.

5. Vanzon by ONSON White Noise Machine

The Vanzon white noise machine might be marketed to assist sound sleeping, and while it does, it also has other benefits.

It is compact enough to throw in a bag to take to the office or when you're going to spend the night elsewhere. It is discreet and takes up little desk or nightstand space. The underside track for the cable and the non-slip feet are thoughtful design touches.

The Vanzon has 36 sound options, each achieved by cycling through the relevant buttons. If white noise is your preference, there are 7 different frequencies to scroll through until you find the most comfortable pitch to mask background noise.

There are 11-authentic fan settings, ranging from small oscillating fans to industrial-sized fans. Combined with accurate volume control, the unit is capable of drowning out the loudest disturbances.

For those that prefer more natural sounds, there are 18-relaxing tracks. Gentle forest sounds, water gently flowing along a stream, and fetal heartbeat are some of the options. If you require a more raucous noise, there is a full-on thunderstorm track.

The audio clarity in all scenarios is of very high-quality.

The white noise machine is fully-chargeable. Using the USB cable supplied, it takes 2-hours to go from empty to full battery and each charge lasts 8-10 hours. If you prefer not to use battery power, there is an AC adaptor supplied.

There is also an audio jack, a fantastic feature if the noise you play doesn't suit those around you. Just pop on a pair of headphones and watch your concentration levels increase.

The unit operates continuously once turned on. If you need it for short snippets of time you can set the timer at 30, 60, or 90-minute intervals.

The inbuilt memory function remembers your last known settings and stores them for the next use.

The Vanzon white noise machine is compatible with various situations where noise is an issue and focus levels are affected. However, if you're just looking for a machine to help a baby sleep, you should seriously consider it. Along with its many other functions, the unit plays gentle, soothing lullabies and has soft, color-changing LEDs to create an ambient night light.

What is White Noise?

white noise frequency

Although most people associate using white noise to aid insomnia, it has many other purposes, particularly in large open-plan office environments.

When people work in close proximately it is difficult not to be disturbed and distracted by the noise others make. Similarly, you might not always want work colleagues to overhear private conversations that you have.

White noise creates a barrier of soothing sounds to block out unwanted interruptions that inhibit focus.

White noise is the result of combining different sound frequencies and equally distributing them. It contains every tone that the human ear is capable of hearing.

The sound produced helps to reduce the difference heard between ambient background noise and peak sounds such as conversation, music, or loud footsteps.

To Illustrate:

It is easy to pick out one voice when 2 or 3 people converse. When 500 people talk simultaneously, it becomes impossible to understand any individual conversation as they all blend into one. Even if a singular person were to scream, the sound would be muffled by the 500 other people talking. This is the white noise effect.

It is called white noise due to its similarities to white light. All color frequencies combine resulting in white light. They become individual colors once they pass through a prism, enabling us to see them as such.

Other Hues of Noise

Many white noise machines have adjustable settings to allow the user to customize their acoustics.

The noise comes in many varying colors and hues. White noise is a humming sound as the noise spreads evenly across frequencies. When sound is less balanced, it manifests as a different noise shade. Experimenting with colors and tones helps the user to create their perfect noise mask.

Pink noise is a flat and even tone such as steady rain and heartbeats. It is a considered a low frequency noise and intensity decreases over time.

pink noise frequency

Brown noise has higher energy at lower frequencies to create thunderous and waterfall sounds.

brown noise frequency

Purple/blue noise covers higher frequencies and combines well with pink noise to try and mimic white noise.

blue noise frequency

Black noise is virtual silence that some people prefer to heighten their concentration levels and promote a good sleeping pattern.

Types of White Noise Machines

There are two main types of white noise machines; Those that play a loop of white noise sound or those that generate mechanical sound.

Loop Based/Digital White Noise Machines

white noise machine

These machines typically come pre-installed with tracks or MP3s of recorded sound. Meaning, they will play for 5 to 10 minutes (however long the track is), then stop and restart the track.

Some machines even allow you to upload your own tracks or control the machine itself via an integrated app on your cell phone.


Mechanical white noise machines are similar to that of Fan. For instance, the Marpac Dohm is a fan-based system that creates ambient sounds of rushing air. The tone is adjusted by how fast the fan spins.

Final Thoughts

White noise machines can make a big difference in office settings. They help to mask conversations and keep noises from both entering and exiting your space.

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