About SnoringSource.com

Millions of People suffer from sleep related problems. Whether it be insomnia or some form of sleep apnea. Over the course of human evolution, sleep has become extremely important. This is especially true in this fast paced digital world. Sleep is essential for your well-being. Ample sleep results in healthy body, brain, and sensory processing.

Why Snoring Source?

Clayton, like millions of People, suffers from issues related to sleep. After decades of poor sleep and hundreds of hours of independent research, he decided to create a resource and share his findings with fellow snorers. The goal of Snoring Source is to help people identify these snoring related problems, and proactively look for ways to solve them.

The problem you’ll find with other snoring resources is that the information is general, vague, and they don’t offer real world advice. Snoring Source provides snoring and sleep related information from the perspective of someone who actively suffers from the same issues you do.

How We Do Research and Review Products

It’s important to note that we are not medical professionals. With that said, Clayton has around a decade of experience with snoring and sleep related problems. You could also say his wife has over a decades worth of experience too.

In that time he’s tried hundreds of products and different techniques to prevent snoring. Research is an ongoing effort and we read up on the latest trends and solutions as they come out.

Every person has a unique condition. One mandibular advancement device (MAD) we recommend might not work best for you. Sleep is a personal experience and will vary based on your own conditions. With that said, we take an exhaustive approach when analyzing information in the snoring realm. We look at lab results, studies, user/customer reviews, and historical trends.

How This Website Makes Money

SnoringSource.com is supported by the readers. If you click the links we provide to product information, we may earn a commission through affiliate programs. This allows us to pay for maintenance fees as well as new products to review.

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