The overarching goal of Snoring Source is to help people identify snoring and sleep related problems, and proactively look for ways to solve them. 

The biggest problem you'll find with other sleep related resources is that the information is general, vague, and they fail to offer real world advice. 

Snoring Source provides opinion-based sleep information from the perspective of people who actively suffer from the same issues you do.

Snoringsource.com covers a variety of sleep related topics: snoring and other sleep related issues, dream interpretation, soundproofing, and more. 


The core of the Snoring Source team are the writers who take complex concepts like dreams, snoring, sleep, and soundproofing and craft easy-to-digest how-to articles, product reviews, and other content.

All of our writers actively suffer from sleep related issues; ranging from snoring to insomnia. Aside from their ailments, they also know how to create great content. The editors then review the articles to ensure they're both factual and easy to read.


At Snoring Source we know and understand the importance of accurate and honest information. That's why we go through a vetting process before we recommend products to our readers. This process helps to weed out misinformation and fancy marketing gimmicks.

We vet products based on the following criteria:

Real-World Experience: The team at snoring source actively suffers from sleep related issues just like you. Sleep is a centered experience and our goal is to share our experiences and potentially help someone dealing with the same issues.

Hands-on Experience: We've tested and actively use a number of the products we recommend. While we can't use every sleep related product out there, hands-on experience is one of the best ways to know how something performs.

Expert Recommendations: Doctors who specialize in sleep and respiratory health have the best understanding of product effectiveness. We actively look for products that are recommended by Doctors. Keep in mind that this isn't a substitute for medical advice. You should still consult with a Doctor before using a new product.

Brand Reputation: Reliable brands are built on quality products. When it comes to your health, working with an unknown brand is a bad idea. We only consider reputable brands in our reviews.

Consumer Reviews: We look at the customer experiences of all the products we recommend. These user experiences help to shed some light on how the product actually performs. Unfortunately, user reviews have a way of being faked. As a result, we take extra precaution to ensure the customer reviews are genuine so-as not to skew our own reviews.



Side Sleeper | Founder & Editor

Clayton, like millions of people, suffers from issues related to sleep. After decades of poor sleep and hundreds of hours of independent research, he decided to create a resource and share his findings with fellow snorers.


Combo Sleeper | Dream Interpreter

Bridget first started with dream interpretation in college. After studying the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, she wanted to interpret her own dreams.

Bridget believes dreams are a centered experience. Meaning, your dreams are YOUR dreams. Her dream interpretation articles are meant to help provide insight as to their potential meaning. Remember, the explanations are only right if they feel right to YOU.


Combo Sleeper | Soundproofing Expert

James is a self-employed writer and editor and has the privilege of working at home. However, he quickly discovered how unwanted noise can disturb both work and sleep.

Over the years he's effectively soundproofed his entire work space and a number of rooms in his house. Needless to say he can work and sleep much more peacefully.

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Snoring Source is an opinion-based informational resource for sleep. Snoring Source does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
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