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Quietest Toilet of 2023: Flush Guilt-Free!

Every home has at least one toilet. Unfortunately, toilets are traditionally quite loud and, in some cases, embarrassing or disruptive to other people in your home.

We've all been there – trying to sneak in for a quick trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, left with the decision: to flush or not to flush. The latter carrying the risk of waking up the entire house.

Apart from soundproofing the bathroom and the adjacent rooms, newly engineered toilets are capable of quiet operation. Let's explore some of the better options available.

The Quietest Toilets


1. Winzo Elongated One-Piece Toilet

The Winzo is a high-efficiency toilet with a soft closing seat and a sleek, contemporary look. With a minimalist design, the Winzo has no sharp corners or grooves, and a skirted trapway which makes cleaning very easy. It is easy to install and looks great in any space.

The Winzo comes equipped with a powerful flushing system that can help save on water. The dual-flushing system uses only 0.8 gallons for liquid waste and 1.6 gallons for solid, per flush. The double nozzle flushing function makes it easy to keep clean by minimizing the build-up of trapped debris and allowing for easy clean-up.

The seat height stands at 17 inches and is perfect for most adults. Elongated toilets do sit slightly higher than standard options, so they tend to be more comfortable when descending. This is great for people who may have knee problems or arthritis.

The soft close seat is a feature that is also great when it comes to minimizing sound. It helps prevent loud slams when closing the lid, and helps keep your children's fingers safe.

2. Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated Toilet

The Toto Ultramax II is a one-piece toilet with a compact elongated bowl. Being that it's a one-piece design, it's much easier to clean all the surfaces in comparison to a two piece toilet. One piece designs also have the benefit of being less prone to leaks as they lack bolts and gaskets that attach two-piece toilets.

This toilet features TOTO's tornado flush system (1.28 gpf). It features a hole-free rim design with dual-nozzles that creates a centrifugal washing action. It's not clear how this system is different from regular double-cyclone flushing mechanisms. With that said, double cyclone systems are better at cleaning the toilet bowl and help to minimize use of water, and harsh chemicals.

To further help with cleaning, TOTO uses their patented CEFIONTECT/SanaGloss glaze. This glaze creates a smoother surface and prevents particles and debris from adhering to the surface which reduces cleaning frequency.

This toilet is noted as being ADA compliant and meets the standards for EPA WaterSense, and California's CEC and CALGreen requirements.

Lastly, in terms of noise considerations, TOTO created their SoftClose seat. It features high-impact plastic, an ergonomic design, molded bumpers, and high gloss polypropylene. The Ultramax II also uses a gravity-feed system which is much quieter than pressurized options.

3. Woodbridge T-001 Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Woodbridge specializes in high-end kitchen and bathroom appliances and has been creating these products since 2005. Needless to say, they know and understand how to make a quality product.

The overall design of the Woodbridge T-001 is very similar to that of the Winzo model. It has a skirted trapway that makes cleaning easier. It's minimalist in design and has no corners or grooves that can make cleaning tough.

It features a dual flush mechanism using only 1 GPF for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste. Woodbridge notes that the siphon flushing mechanism is "super quiet and powerful" resulting in no clogs or leaks. While they don't quantify what super quiet means, we know it's a gravity-fed system and they are known for being quiet in operation.

Woodbridge also offers other added features for noise reduction like a slow closing seat and a quiet refill tank. The toilet comes all-in-one and has the seat pre-installed, wax ring and floor bolts ready as well as installation instructions.

The Woodbridge uses a siphon flushing technique, which allows for the water in the bowl to rise and subside quickly. Siphon flushing allows for an efficient, clean flush while keeping things ultra-quiet.

Lastly, in terms of certifications, Woodbridge notes: UPC & CSA, High-efficiency, WaterSense Certified toilet - meets or exceeds ANSI Z124. 1 & ANSI A112-19. 7.

4. Black Dual Flush Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

The Black Dual Flush from Renovators Supply Manufacturing is an excellent choice if you are looking to save space and want to make a bold, elegant statement in your bathroom. This is a two-piece toilet and apart from it's color, it's a much more traditional design.

One of the significant advantages to a two-piece style toilet is the ability to line up the rough-in space when setting the toilet in place. With the one-piece options, this can be a bit tricky because they are big, bulky, and hard to maneuver.

The elongated design means that it will sit slightly higher – again, great for the average adult or folks suffering from arthritis.

Like the Woodbridge, the Black Dual Flush uses a siphonic flushing mechanism. The Siphon flushing method is gravity-fed which allows for an efficient, clean flush while keeping things quiet.

It's also a dual-flush system which uses 0.8 GPF for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solids. Like the other models listed, this efficiency helps with a reduction in water usage.

Note that a matching toilet seat is included however bolt covers are not. There is also no mention of being soft-close so it's worth looking for a black, elongated soft-close toilet seat for this unit.

5. Woodbridge T-0020 Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet

The reason we've included two Woodbridge models on this list is because of their high regard for quality. Again, Woodbridge is known for specializing in high-end kitchen and bathroom appliances, and this model is no exception.

You will get all of the same features as the Woodbridge T-001, but this toilet is square in design. So, if you're in the market for something that stands out from a traditional toilet but isn't quite as bold as the black option, then this design could be a great option or you.

This Woodbridge T-0020 is conducive to a quick and easy clean. The skirted trapway and smooth exterior eliminate clean up time. No nooks or crannies means a quick, periodic wipe down is all it will ever need.

This Woodbridge model also considered noise reduction – a soft closing seat and a gravity-feed flushing system. Woodbridge also opted to use stainless steel seat hinges which is a nice addition. Traditional plastic bolts and hinges tend to break quite easily with regular use.

The Woodbridge uses a siphon flushing technique allowing for an ultra-quiet, powerful flush. Siphon flushing is great for preventing clogs and leaks.

Finally, like all elongated options, the Woodbridge T-0020's height makes it very comfortable for the average adult when descending and ascending the seat. The square seat also offers additional comfort as apposed to that of an oval/circular option.

What to Look For in a Quiet Toilet

types of toilets

Picking a toilet can be a tough decision. While all household toilets may look the same, there are a surprising number of options available.

Types of Toilets

Toilets are categorized primarily by their flushing mechanism. Certain mechanisms are louder than others.


gravity fed toilet

The gravity-feed toilet is the most popular toilet used today. As the name suggests, a gravity-feed toilet simply uses gravity to flush waste and has no mechanical assistance.

As the flush valve is pressed, water drops down from the reservoir or tank, and moves waste through the trapway. These toilets make use of a siphoning action that helps to clean the toilet bowl.

Due to using fewer mechanical parts, noise levels are minimal and repairs are quick and easy.


Pressure-assisted toilets are most noted for their powerful flushing ability. A system of pressurized air forces water from the reservoir/tank into the bowl.

As you might expect , due to flushing mechanism the system is much louder than a gravity-feed toilet. That said, the system is capable of flushing waste faster and more efficiently.

If you have a larger family, this type of toilet is a good choice. Clogs are also far less common than a gravity-feed toilet.


dual flush valve

Dual flush toilets are becoming more popular due to their ability to save on water. These toilets are a combination of gravity-fed and pressure-assisted and allow you the ability to half-flush or full-flush.

The half-flush makes use of a gravity-feed system and is best suited for liquid waste. The full-flush uses a pressured-assisted system and is best suited for solid waste.


A double-cyclone toilet is a descriptor for how water enters the toilet-bowl. Unlike a traditional toilet where the holes are placed on the rim, a double-cyclone toilet has two nozzles on the rim that create a "double-cyclone."

Due to how the nozzles are engineered, the mechanism requires less water. Water savings in an individual flush are minimal however over time they definitely add-up.

Toilet Style

After determining your desired type of toilet or flushing mechanism being used, the second factor to consider is the style.

There are three popular styles used: one-piece, two-piece, and wall hung.


one piece toilet

As the name suggests, a one-piece toilet is manufactured from a single piece of material. This material used is often ceramic and includes a toilet bowl, reservoir/tank, and trapway. A one-piece design makes installation and maintenance very easy.


Again, as the name suggests, a two-piece toilet simply means it's comprised of two pieces. These two pieces are the toilet tank and the bowl.

A two-piece toilet is usually more efficient and lasts longer than a one-piece design. In the event a certain part fails, you can also simply replace that piece rather than the entire toilet.

Wall Hung

wall hung toilet

This type of toilet isn't as popular in residential settings. More often than not, you'll see wall hung toilets in a commercial space.

In this design the toilet bowl is hung and the toilet's tank is hidden behind the wall. The flush plate or mechanism is also mounted on the wall.

While these toilets are popular in commercial settings, they are also useful in bathrooms where space is limited.

Flush Type

The third factor to consider is the flushing type. There are three main options used in residential settings: single-flush, double-flush, and touch-less flush.


Single-flush toilets are the most popular option. A single-flush toilet only has one flush setting. By pushing down on the flush valve/lever the toilet will deliver the same pressure and quantity of water every time you flush the toilet.


A double flush toilet has two flushing settings. By pressing lightly on the flush valve/lever you can half-flush for liquid waste. By pushing down firmly on the flush valve/lever you can full-flush for solid waste.


A touch-less flush toilet is commonly seen in commercial settings like a public restroom due to the spread of germs. Instead of touching a flush valve/lever, the toilet is able to detect when you're no longer using it.

Residential options are often equipped with a motion sensor. By simply waving your hand over the sensor, it will flush. You can convert both single and double-flush toilets into touchless.

Toilet Design Considerations

Most toilets are similar however there are minute differences that can make all the difference. For instance: color, dimensions, bowl shape, and trapway.


The traditional color for a toilet is either white or a white hue. With that said, there are now a number of colors in use: black, grey, blue, etc. These colors are primarily neutral and flow with most designs.


Toilets are available in a range of lengths and widths, however the standard height is 15 inches. People who suffer from arthritis or have trouble bending might prefer a taller toilet. With that said, children might have trouble with a taller toilet.

Bowl Shape

elongated toilet

There are three main bowl shapes used: elongated, compact elongated, and round.

An elongated toilet is oval in shape. They are longer than round toilets and the extra length makes the toilet more comfortable and spacious.

A round toilet is circular in shape. While they're not as comfortable as an elongated toilet, they are a good choice when space is limited.

A compact elongated toilet is a combination of an elongated and round toilet. They have a smaller footprint and also allow for a more comfortable experience.

Noise Considerations

The culprits for noise with toilets are the flushing mechanism and the toilet seat.

We talked considerably about flushing mechanisms above. As we learned, gravity-fed systems are typically less noisy than a pressurized system. However being able to flush both types of waste can help to mitigate sound and save on water.

The answer to seat related noise is to simply look for a soft-close toilet seat. These can either come packaged with the toilet or be purchased separately. Ensure that the seat matches the bowl type and can work with your intended purchase.

Final Thoughts

As we've reiterated throughout this article, while toilets all may look the same, there are a number of options and features that make them different. The flushing mechanism, style, as well as other factors can impact the sound levels associated with using your toilet. Focusing on these factors can help to limit noise output.


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