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Quietest Kettle of 2023: Boil in Silence!

The noisiest kettles boil at up to 95dB, which is equivalent to the noise emitted by an electric drill.

If you're weary of whistles, clicks, and clangs from your stove-top kettle, maybe the time has come to consider upgrading to a quiet electric kettle.

You might be surprised to learn that many models include multiple noise-reducing features that allow your morning coffee or tea to be enjoyed in virtual tranquility.

The Quiet Kettles


1. Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle

Don't be fooled into thinking that the bold, minimalist design of this matte black kettle comes at the expense of performance and functionality; it most certainly doesn't.

With the ability to make coffee or tea like a Barista, it's not surprising that the Stagg EKG is often used in professional competition.

The trick to perfecting a brew lies in the temperature of the water. With its variable temperature dial that adjusts from 135 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit you have complete control. The LCD screen in the base displays the desired temperature and an illuminated element real-time temperature as it increases.

Once the required temperature is reached, it can be held TO THE DEGREE for 60-minutes, adding energy-efficient to the long list of positive features.

If Celsius is your preferred metric, you can use the toggle on the underside of the base to switch from Fahrenheit.

There is an integrated stopwatch, the perfect tool to alert you when optimum brewing time is achieved. This is referred to as extraction time and results in the fullest-tasting coffee possible when a series of criteria are met; including water temperature and rest time.

The counter-balanced design of the handle guarantees a steady, comfortable pour, and the fluted tip of the spout prevents any drips. Pouring is effortless and accurate, a big positive when preparing both tea and coffee.

The 1200w of power from the heating element provides a gentle boil with very low-level noise output. The long, slim-line spout, and tight-fitting lid help to capture sound inside the kettle.

This kettle is a thing of beauty that would take pride of place in most kitchens. If the matte black finish isn't your style, it is also available in polished stainless steel, white, and copper. All are equally handsome, efficient, and quiet.

2. Remington Russell Hobbs Retro Electric Kettle

With its retro style and cream accented chrome colorway, the Remington kettle enhances any kitchen setting.

The delightfully curved body holds a large 1.7-liter capacity, with a rear-facing water gauge to enable the user accurate measurement. For a less precise method of estimating quantity, the interior of the kettle features 1,2, and 3-cup markings that are clearly visible from overhead.

The tea connoisseurs amongst you will know that each variety shouldn't necessarily be made with boiling water. For instance, green tea's optimum temperature is 150-180 F and black tea is 180-212 F. This is where this kettle comes into its own.

The front of the kettle houses an attractive gauge with a needle showing the actual temperature of the water throughout the boiling process. The markings are displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The kettle is surprisingly lightweight considering its substantial design. It is only 0.9kg and has an ergonomic handle that makes transporting the kettle both safe and comfortable.

The handle features stay-cool technology that prevents it from heating during use. Other safety features include hidden cord storage and a swivel base. This enables the user to easily reach and transfer the kettle.

A water filter sits just behind the spout and can be easily removed for cleaning. It effectively prevents mineral build-up inside the kettle and prevents unwanted sediment in your beverages. The spout is designed to pour in a single, continuous stream that eliminates drips.

The kettle boils softly and has no annoying clicks, the power button is rubberized and gently switches off automatically. This is an elegant kettle that will cause little disturbance whilst making the perfect cup of tea.

3. Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Kettle

This Bodum kettle doesn't have a traditional pouring spout, instead, it has an elongated, slender Gooseneck spout. To say it is eye-catching is an understatement.

Designed for the precision pouring of water onto French Presses or Pour Over Coffee Makers, it enables maximum control at all times.

Water needs to be boiled to perfection before being poured over coffee beans to extract all of their natural oils. This chic kettle achieves that with ease, and, as such, will improve perfect coffee brewing techniques resulting in rich-tasting, freshly brewed coffee.

It is made from 304, 18/10 stainless steel for durability, and has a conical body to make cleaning easy. Both of the featured handles are made from sustainable European cork, which contrasts perfectly against the matte silver or black of the kettle. Cork is not only comfortable to hold but also remains cool.

Inside the kettle is a BPA-free plastic nozzle, although the instructions don't make it clear, this isn't part of the packaging and should be left in situ. It is a safety cover that prevents the overflow pipe from leaking. It is harmless providing you never fill the kettle past the maximum fill line.

Boiling is rapid, it takes around 3-minutes to complete, much faster than a stovetop kettle. An indicator light combines with soft automatic shut-off when the temperature is reached.

These factors contribute to quiet operation, along with the narrow spout and tight-fitting lid that contain sound within the kettle. The attractive cork handles also add a small amount of sound absorption.

4. COMFEE' Electric Kettle

Comfee has designed a kettle with multiple noise-reduction features but didn't stop there. They also considered design, function, and safety in equal measure.

It has a double-wall construction; the interior is 304-grade stainless steel and the exterior is BPA-free plastic with a soundproof coating.

There is a vacuum between the 2-layers that prevents sound from traveling and reduces the decibel level of the boiling kettle to a meager 59dB, equivalent to a refrigerator.

Most kettles boil above 70dB, which ranges from a vacuum cleaner or louder. Both the power button and the open-lid button are soft-touch, resulting in minimal noise.

Double-wall construct assists energy-efficiency; boiled water will stay hotter for longer, enabling the next use to take less time. It also entraps the heat keeping the handle and body cool, safer for children, or partially-sighted people who accidentally come into contact with it.

It utilizes 1500w of power to supply a fast boil, cold to boiling takes less than 4-minutes. Strix thermostat technology is employed for accurate boiling whilst providing auto-shutoff, and boil-dry protection.

The kettle's interior is solely made from stainless steel, there are no plastic parts.

There is a removable filter to ensure the best quality water, helping to minimize mineral deposits that make it into your drinks. There is a wide spout if you prefer to fill a kettle that way, otherwise, 1-touch of button lifts the lid to make filling a breeze.

The base swivels through 360-degrees and has a cord storage area underneath.

This is a thoughtfully-designed kettle that guarantees not to disturb the peace. If soft baby pink isn't your thing, fear not, it is available in several pastel shades or black to complement any kitchen layout.

5. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If you're looking for an electric kettle that provides the user maximum control over temperature and precision pouring, the Cosori is worthy of serious consideration.

It is a cordless kettle that sits securely on a base with multiple soft-touch buttons. Each is a pre-set program, there are 5, designed to boil water to the exact recommended temperature for various hot drinks.

All of the guesswork is removed as every button is marked, for instance, Oolong – 195f. and Coffee – 205f.

The hold temperature button will keep water to your desired temperature for up to 60-minutes. You need never burn tea leaves or coffee again.

When reviewing quiet kettles, you wouldn't expect to see one that emits a beep, yet this one does just that. Once the set temperature has been reached, 3-beeps will sound to alert the user. These are 'soft' beeps and shouldn't cause great consternation, however, the audible sounds can be switched off, leaving the blue light system to inform of readiness.

If you are looking for a kettle to complement your Pour-Over Coffee system, the Gooseneck spout was designed with this in mind. The large, stay-cool handle provides the exact amount of counter-balance required to ensure a consistent water stream. Perfectly brewed coffee is easily achievable when the water is poured at exactly the right temperature, in the perfect style. That is what you will get from this kettle.

It is constructed from stainless steel, all of the interior, including the lid and spout, feature no plastic whatsoever, and as a result your drinks will taste pure with no 'plasticky' after-taste. Food-grade stainless steel contains no harmful chemicals, is rust-resistant, durable, and very easy to clean.

Quiet boiling is aided by the narrow spout and secure-fitting lid. 1200W of power supplies a full kettle from cold to boil in 3-5-minutes.

The Cosori kettle is user-friendly, provides excellent functionality and flexibility, and is very easy on the eye.

What to Look for in a Quiet Kettle

kettle pour over

Quiet kettles provide the same functionality as regular kettles; the distinction is the methods employed to combat any noise nuisance.

We have compiled some useful hints to help on your journey to peaceful brewing.


The variant in the range of noise output between kettles can be quite significant. Designated 'quiet' or 'silent' kettles are available, usually at a premium.

They use a combination of methods including soundproof coatings, double-wall construction, and tight-fitting lids. Glass kettles with smooth surfaces offer insulation against unwanted noise.

Higher wattage often equates to a louder boil, but not always. Investing in a rapid-boil kettle is not only energy-efficient, but any noise it creates is over in less than a few minutes.


Kettles with capacities of less than a liter only hold enough water for 2 or 3 drinks at a time, which is essentially pointless for a large family.

Large capacity kettles often come equip with a 'keep warm' feature. This allows water to be held at your desired temperature for up to an hour.


Electric kettles can come in 2-designs: jug, or dome.

The dome-style has the handle swooping across the top making it quite awkward to fill. This closely resembles traditional stovetop kettles.

Our featured kettles are all jug style though some have regular spouts whilst others rely on the precision-pouring of the Gooseneck spout.

This elongated, slender neck is an essential piece of equipment if you employ the pour-over technique.

Constructed of stainless steel, plastic, and toughened glass, kettles come in a variety of finishes and colors. There will always be a model to complement or contrast with your kitchen décor.


Any feature that increases the safety aspect of boiling water is a bonus.

Most kettles have a cool-touch method. In essence, it's some form of engineering that keeps the handle and lid at a temperature comfortable enough to hold and transfer.

Many cordless kettles have a 360-degree swivel base. This enables the user to comfortably pick up the kettle from any angle.

Short power cords prevent it from being accidentally pulled across a counter. Hidden cord storage is also useful.

LED lights that illuminate when the kettle is in use. If you are lucky enough to have found a near-silent model, it won't always be obvious.

Variable Temperature Gauges

Coffee, tea, and various other hot beverages taste their best at differing temperatures. Some kettles have pre-programmed settings whilst others have a dial to enable the user to set their desired temperature to within a degree of accuracy.

Water Level Indicator

electric kettle water level

Not all kettles have an exterior gauge that shows how full the kettle is, some rely on interior measurement. This might be fine for some, but prove awkward for other users.


There is quite a difference between the weight of kettles, with metal tending to be the heaviest. With each millimeter of water adding an extra gram of overall weight, this might be a consideration for less able-bodied folk.


Hard water and total-dissolved solids (TDS) can lead to mineral build up and can leave unwanted deposits in your drinks. They can also negatively affect the taste when they come into contact with the compounds of coffee or tea.

Most filters remove easily and are simple to clean and replace.

Boil-dry prevention

The best electric kettles are equipped with the ability to automatically switch off when it senses there is no water remaining.

Energy Efficient

Features such as rapid-boil, one-cup or minimal fill, and eco-friendly usually reduce the amount of energy a kettle uses to boil.

If you're a regular tea or coffee drinker this could have a noticeable reduction in your annual energy consumption.

How Does a Cordless Kettle Work?

Electric kettles are powered by a heating element. This method of heating is similar to how an electric range works.

The heating element is a resistor, or a material that resists the flow of electricity. Meaning when electricity flows through it, it transforms it into heat. The heat can then boil the water.

By increasing the wattage of the heating element, you effectively decrease the boil-time.

The kettle itself is cordless and can be moved independently of the base, which remains close to the power outlet.

Final thoughts

Mechanically boiling water to 158f. and above, is the most effective way of purifying drinking water, thus killing 99.99999% of bacteria and viruses.

Many kitchen appliances have the issue of being loud. However, electric kettles have the ability to be near silent in operation and allow you to brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea at all hours of the day.

The ability to control the temperature of water at the touch of a button can be the difference between a perfect or average cup of tea – or coffee.

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