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Best Quiet Garbage Disposals of 2023: Noise Reduction Explained

Most homeowners have some kind of waste disposal system in their kitchen, often installed when the home was newly-built. While some of these machines might be effective, they are undoubtedly loud.

In these days of open-plan living, all of our kitchen appliances should make as little noise as possible. Whether you're upgrading or installing a garbage disposal unit for the first time, we can't stress enough how important it is to look for a quiet model.

The Quietest Garbage Disposals

Power, efficiency, and capacity are important features but should be combined with an effective noise reduction system.

1. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposer

If you're upgrading or replacing an old garbage disposal unit, the first thing that will strike you is how much quieter the Evolution model is.

The integrated SoundSeal ensures noise levels are kept to a minimum; little or no vibration always keeps the volume exceptionally low.

InSinkErator garbage disposal units are the number one seller in America, the country that designed and invented them.

Installation is simple; it doesn't need a qualified plumber as the instructions are some of the clearest we've seen. The twist on/twist off design enables fast replacement from any old InSinkErator models. The chamber capacity is a generous 34.6oz even though the machine is compact; it efficiently fits beneath small cabinets, making the best use of the available space.

The induction motor has ¾ h; Powerful enough to handle even the toughest food scraps. Dual grind technology disintegrates chicken bones, melon rind, and vegetable peelings in super-quick time.

The silent motor does not affect its ability; it is ultra-powerful and very quiet.

The interior LeakGuard keeps all of the grimy liquid where it should be – inside the machine. The plastic seal won't rot or disintegrate, even after many years of service.

Waste drains at a rapid velocity with ease; it grinds into such fine pieces that it won't clog or jam the system, leaving your kitchen clean and smelling fresh.

This robust unit is constructed from galvanized steel, guaranteed to stand the test of time. It is septic tank-safe, efficient, fast, and quiet.

2. American Standard Torque Master Kitchen, Garbage and Food Waste Disposer

If you're concerned that a garbage disposal unit with 1.25hp and high-torque might be incredibly noisy, don't be. That increased power enables the machine to operate quickly, efficiently, and quietly.

The American Standard disposal unit meets all three of these criteria – and then some.

It is well-built and septic tank safe. Its 'no electric work' design means a competent DIY enthusiast can install it in around an hour. It has a 3-bolt mounting system with all of the hardware included, even the power cord that many other units lack.

The integral Silver Guard attracts almost all metal that might inadvertently find its way into the chamber. This saves money on cutlery replacement and repair fees if the components become damaged.

Every part of the disposal system mechanism that comes into contact with anything wet is treated with an antimicrobial agent. This prevents micro-organisms from growing, which creates awful odors in the kitchen.

The splash guard and bio shield also remove easily in order to allow for easy cleaning – another way to keep the room smelling fresh.

The insulated Sound Shell keeps noise and vibration to a minimum even when the grinding system spins at 2800rpm. It is balanced to prevent vibration; a static disposal unit has an extended life expectancy.

The Torque Master model is significantly quieter, smoother, and faster than any basic garbage disposal unit. The motor doesn't strain; even the toughest foods seem to disappear.

3. KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The KitchenAid model stands out in a lineup due to its recognizable red branding.

The Superba is a robust waste disposal unit with a 40oz chamber capacity.

It is relatively shorter than the models above, enabling it to fit perfectly under deep, farmhouse-style kitchen sinks.

It adopts a continuous feed method; the motor runs continually for uninterrupted grinding. The user can dispose of a wide range of food, making clean up faster and more efficient. The multi-grind system halves operating times.

The Superba features SoundSeal technology; it is quite and doesn't disturb conversation. The unit is encased in insulating material to absorb sound and vibration; it is at least 40% quieter than most standard waste disposal units.

The powerful ¾ hp motor spins at 1725rpm, breaking waste products down with ease, even tough and fibrous foods.

The motor has overload protection and also a manual reset button.

The KitchenAid disposal system is very effective; it is smooth and exceptionally quiet.

The installation manual is straightforward, or if you prefer, there are several instructional videos on YouTube to save money on plumber's fees.

4. Waste King Legend Series Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal is quiet – unlike the chomping chainsaw noise other models make, this one is a soothing hum. It is all down to the sealed, sound-insulated motor.

Its space-saving compact design fits discreetly beneath most kitchen sinks, whatever their style. It has a dishwasher hook-up and is septic-tank safe.

Installation is probably the easiest of all the models. It has an EZ mount that twists and locks into position. The power cable is readily attached; no need for expensive electrical work either.

It is a continuous feed, running until you use the wall-mounted switch or sink-mounted air-switch to stop the power.

In case of overload or the occasional jam, it powers down automatically; the reset button starts it back up again.

It has a high-speed, 1hp, permanent magnet motor. The grinding plate and impellers rotate at 2800rpm, making light work of fibrous scraps. It powers through almost anything rapidly.

The L-8000 has a removable splash guard and is very easy to keep clean and hygienic.

The glass nylon chamber is rust and corrosion-proof, as are the stainless steel grind components.

The Waste King is energy-efficient, quiet, and best of all, backed by an impressive 20-year warranty with excellent customer service.

5. Moen Host Series Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal 

The Moen garbage disposal unit has several attractive features; we love its ease of installation most. The unit is exceptionally lightweight, more than half the weight of some of its competitors. This makes man-handling it into position and keeping it there during installation a breeze.

It has a Universal Xpress Mount; it fits directly onto a 3-bolt bolt, the kind used by most manufacturers.

The back of the system is flat, enabling the compact chamber to sit snugly against the rear of the cabinet, freeing up plenty of storage space.

There is a dishwasher inlet, a pre-installed power cord, and the system is septic tank friendly.

Sound-deadening is provided by SoundShield; an absorbent material surrounding the motor. It isn't the quietest of the models but is significantly quieter than many traditional systems and doesn't interfere with normal volume conversation.

It has continuous feed operation with a ¾hp Vortex motor. Magnets provide high-speed power, instantly, to make light work of most food scraps with no fear of jamming.

All of the internal components, including the grinding turntable, rings, and impellers, are made from stainless steel. All of the working parts are, therefore, rust and corrosion-free.

The Moen generates powerful performance from durable, high-quality equipment, right down to the highly-polished drain-stopper.

Types of Garbage Disposal Units

garbage disposal

A garbage disposal is an electronic device plumbed into the pipework beneath a kitchen sink. It employs rotating grinding plates and spinning metal impellers to grind biodegradable food waste into tiny particles. It then gets flushed through the plumbing to the sewage system, causing no clogs or blockages.

Garbage disposals vary depending on:

1. Continuous or Batch Feed

Continuous feed disposal units run constantly, enabling the user to keep adding waste, even during operation. They are convenient and tend to be more affordable.

Batch feed units are by far the safest option. They employ a covered operation system – they won't begin to run until the lid is locked in position. If you've got young children with inquisitive fingers, this system is perfect.

Because they have to stop and start regularly, they need a stronger engine which invariably costs more.

As the user has to put in small, separate batches, they take longer to use.

2. Motor Type – Induction or Permanent Magnet (PM)

Induction motors are high speed but often less so than PM motors. In comparison, they also take longer to reach their maximum RPM.

They are heavier motors than their PM counterparts, but the weight issue is compensated by the multiple grind stages they tend to have.

Permanent magnet motors are more efficient, and as they switch on at full power, they are also more convenient. They work well in the batch feeding system where instantaneous power is preferred.

They are smaller, lighter, and tend to clog less. All of these benefits usually come with a heftier price tag.

What to Look for in a Quiet Garbage Disposal

There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing the a quiet garbage disposal:

Noise Output

The mounting bracket that attaches the unit impacts the amount of noise it emits.

Plastic mounts are suitable for the job but metal mounts are more sturdy and fix more securely, dramatically reducing vibration noise.

Some models fitted with SoundSeal technology rely on additional sound absorption materials to keep noise to a minimum.

Power and Motor Type

Output for garbage disposal is measured in HP (horsepower) We recommend at least ½ HP to have enough torque and strength to cope with tough/fibrous food waste.

Domestic units vary in power, with the most heavy-duty models having 1 ½ hp.

Recommended use:

Light1 or 2One third
Medium2 to 4One half or three quarters
Heavy-duty4 to 61hp +

Garbage Disposal Size

garbage disposal size

Consider the dimensions of the unit in comparison to the amount of free cabinet space. Ensure you leave enough room for the dishwasher pipes should you choose to plumb those in.

Grind Stages

The more grind stages that a garbage disposal has, the smaller the particles of waste food become – resulting in less clogging opportunity.

Less powerful motors tend to have just one grinding stage.

Most powerful motors have two or three grind stages.

Ease of Installation

Most brands have easy-to-follow YouTube videos that go hand-in-hand with their instruction manual, ideal for the competent DIY enthusiast.

Otherwise, choose a reputable plumber to install your garbage disposal; this can often be purchased along with the unit. A fully-qualified plumber delivers and installs the system which all works under warranty.

Some models require a certain level of electrical expertise as they have to be hard-wired into the mains. Others are supplied with an attached power cable that connects to a counter-top power switch.


Additional extras such as Silver Guard, SoundSeal, and antimicrobial agents differ between models. Other key features such as universal mounting systems, long warranties, and the ability to use in conjunction with a septic tank are advantageous.

Check that they're necessary for your requirements before paying an inflated cost.

Do I Need a Garbage Disposal?

If you've ever found yourself beneath the kitchen sink, struggling to loosen pipework to discover why it's blocked, then you probably need a garbage disposal unit.

Save on plumber's fees - Call-out fees alone are expensive; waste disposal prevents awkward blockages and clogged pipework.

Reduced clean-up time - Virtually all food waste, leftovers, and chicken bones can go directly into the drain.

Odor-free kitchen – Leftovers no longer need to sit in the trash in the corner of the room – stagnating and going moldy, releasing pungent odors into the atmosphere. Instead, they are instantly removed, leaving the room odor-free and fresh.

Environmentally-friendly – Less trash = less waste going to landfill sites, fewer garbage trucks on the road. Waste disposals use very little energy; also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

They are also a great alternative to compost heaps if you haven't got any outdoor space.

Final Thoughts

Garbage disposal units are energy-efficient, using around 3-4kWh per year; they also reduce the amount of biodegradable waste we send to the landfill. These factors help us to become more environmentally aware and reduce our carbon footprint.

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