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Quietest Food Processor of 2023: Blend, Chop, Dice, and Slice!

Food processors take the effort out of food preparation, although some of them tend to sound like a pneumatic drill.

In the advent of modern, open-plan living, the need for quiet kitchen utensils has never been greater.

Quiet food processors allow for regular-level conversation in the busiest professional or domestic kitchen.

The Quiet Food Processors

robot coupe food processor
Breville food processor
Cuisinart food processor

1. Robot Coupe Combination Food Processor

Robot Coupe is a giant within the food processing industry and has been for more than 50 years.

The R101 is our pick of their extensive range. It isn't a fancy looking machine by any stretch of the imagination; this food processor is all about power and functionality.

With 1725 RPM and ¾ HP, the Robot Coupe makes fast and light work of everything asked of it.

Whether that is mashing batches of sweet potatoes, crushing ice or frozen foods, or pureeing smooth sauces. It is capable of producing 400 servings within 3 hours with no fear of the unit overheating due to the powerful cooling fan in the base.

The 2.5-liter bowl is high-grade polycarbonate. The materials result in a heatproof container, and is therefore safe for hot liquids. It is easy to blend smooth, creamy soups.

Although it is dishwasher safe, most ingredients wipe away with warm soapy water followed by a quick rinse.

The base unit and included 'S' blade are durable stainless steel. It benefits from a direct drive induction motor with a magnetic brake safety system. Internal sound absorption enables quiet operation; it will not interfere with conversation.

The Robot Coupe is a workhorse; it is a no-frills system with superb efficiency. It weighs 26-pounds, is substantial yet lightweight, and easy enough to transport into storage.

It is capable of pulverizing, pureeing, mixing, and blending. The pulse feature enables precision processing.

Whether you're looking for a commercial food processor or one for the home, this model exceeds all expectations, whatever the demand.

2. Breville Sous Chef Pro Food Processor

The Breville is a powerful machine; solidly built, durable, and robust, everything about it screams high-quality engineering.

The Breville Sous Chef food processor is quiet, very quiet. Whether it is mixing heavy dough or thinly slicing cucumber, it emits a gentle hum.

The 1200w induction motor is a high torque, making tough tasks easy.

The Sous Chef has 2-separate BPA-free mixing bowls. A large 16-cup base and a 2.5-cup top bowl for smaller tasks.

A tight silicone seal runs between the two that prevents leakage from one bowl to the other.

Few food processors come with as many accessories as this one does. It has two different 'S' blades, a dough hook, and a set of slicing discs resulting in uniform thickness slices from paper-thin 0.3mm through 8.0mm. All of the equipment stores in an attractive case to keep it all together safely. The storage case is a little bulky, but less so when stored on its side.

Each blade has a different specialty, from julienne, mixing dough, whisking, shredding, and cutting perfect French fries. It is a versatile machine that consistently does the job of several other appliances.

Most food processors have a single food chute; the Breville has two. The first is a very wide 5.5", save time on chopping fruit and vegetables into small pieces; throw them in whole. The second narrow chute ensures slender foods are precisely sliced. The safety food pusher reduces waste by forcing the small portions into the machine. It also doubles as a measuring cup.

It is a heavy-duty machine that powers through all tasks and the motor never sounds taxed.

The touch-button controls and count up or countdown times aid easy operation. Set the timer; once reached, the power automatically cuts off.

3. Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart is a name synonymous with high-quality kitchen equipment. The DFP food processor is no exception.

With a powerful 720-watt motor and large heavy-duty mixing bowl, it is the ideal machine for large kitchens and families.

It is simple to use; it has paddles at the front, one for continuous power, the other for pulsing. Other than the slight click they make as pressed, the Cuisinart makes very little noise. The motor runs efficiently, smoothly, and quietly.

It is supplied with an 'S' blade, superb for many kneading, mixing, and chopping needs. For uniform slicing and shredding, there are medium-sized disc blades. They sit atop the center stem and slice through all foods in record time, even the most fibrous vegetables.

Interchanging from one blade to another only takes a moment.

The wider food chute saves time on pre-cutting fruit and vegetables, as they fit whole.

When all of your food preparation is complete, everything other than the base unit is dishwasher safe, on the top shelf. If you prefer to hand wash, a wipe-over with warm soapy water and a quick rinse returns all of the components to look like new.

The Cuisinart food processor is finished in brushed stainless steel; it is pleasing to the eye.

Although considered a family-sized machine, its footprint is relatively small and takes up little counter space.

It is a durable and dependable machine that performs chopping, shredding, slicing, pureeing, kneading, and blending tasks with ease.

4. Braun Food Processor

The Braun food processor looks different from the previous models featured in our review. Alongside the main bowl is a separate 2-cup capacity mini chopper for those times when you don't want to dirty the large processing bowl for chopping a handful of nuts or herbs.

It is very user-friendly; assembly takes a short time and operation is simple. The processors has independent dials to control their speed. The Braun has 11 pre-set speed functions, one click of the button and the process begins at that chosen speed, resulting in an even mix every time.

There are seven attachments supplied:

  • 2x Shredding Discs: Fine and Coarse
  • Grating Tool
  • Whipping Blade
  • Kneading Hook
  • 'S' Blade
  • Citrus Press

With a safety locking feature, the blades won't begin to spin until the lid is closed and locked into place.

The Braun easily powers through fibrous vegetables and cuts of meat, while remaining delicate enough to uniformly slice soft fruits.

It is a lightweight machine, weighing slightly less than 10-pounds. Combined with its compact design, it is the ideal machine to take in and out of a kitchen cabinet regularly, and with ease.

All parts other than the base of the processor are dishwasher safe, but they clean just as easily in warm, soapy water.

German-engineering ensures the high-performance of the Braun food processor. It looks good, chomps through everything asked of it, and is energy efficient.

5. Magimix Compact Food Processor

Most baking enthusiasts have heard of Magimix and its wonderful range of kitchen equipment. Those lucky enough to own a food processor may find it is the only one they will ever need. Magimix is so confident in the ability and performance of their machine that they back the motor with a 30-year guarantee.

Out of the box, the 4200XL looks impressive; made from stainless steel and finished in brilliant white, it looks beautiful on any kitchen counter. It is constructed from the highest-quality materials; it looks and feels solid.

The processor consists of 3-sizes of stacking BPA-free mixing bowls. These are the main 14-cup, midi 12-cup, and mini 6-cup.

Designed for a family, the varying sized bowls make it easy to chop small or large amounts without dirtying all of the equipment. The 3-bowls work simultaneously for more demanding recipes.

With a wide feeding chute and dual pushers, the Magimix reduces waste and saves time on pre-cutting.

It is supplied with multiple accessories to master almost any form of food preparation. Stainless steel cutting and slicing discs, dough and knife blades, an egg white and cream whip, and a Blendermix attachment are supplied in a neat, safety storage box.

The Blendermix attachment creates a vortex within liquids to blend them to smoothie consistency.

Powered by a smooth and stable 950w motor that keeps noise to a minimum, the 4200XL is ideal for home kitchens where multiple conversations are always taking place.

The instruction booklet for the Magimix food processor is exceptional. Not only does it concisely talk to the new owner through all of their equipment, but it also suggests possible uses and recipes for each accessory.

What is a Food Processor?

food processor

Food processors are electric motor-driven devices that aid food preparation by making repetitive tasks easier.

They are useful for slicing, chopping, mixing, kneading, grating, and shredding; all of the tasks that are time-consuming and usually require multiple different tools.

Anything that is driven by gears and discs will make a noise, so it is somewhat unfair to state that there is a "quietest" food processor out there. On one hand you want it to be functional, yet quiet.

However, many brands go that extra mile to keep the emitted noise to an absolute minimum. Quiet machines don't elicit complaints from co-workers, family, or neighbors.

Features to Look for in a Quiet Food Processor


Food processors for home use should have 600-watts or more. As the wattage increases, so does the machine's ability, torque, and speed.

Commercial food processors typically feature motors of 1000-watts or more, combined with cooling fan systems and safety cut-out mechanisms.

Capacity – Weight and Dimensions

Batch cooking, food preparation for large families, and multiple covers to fulfill daily require processors with generous capacities – over 12-cups at least.

For use in the home kitchen, a buyer must consider the size of their chosen model, particularly its height if it needs to be stored beneath cabinets on the counter.

Lightweight models might be easier to transport for storage but tend to lack in power and durability.


food processor features

Most food processor users will have folded a tea towel beneath their unit in the hope of absorbing some of the annoying crunching and grinding noises. However, in kitchens where noise levels matter, the more in-built quiet features that a processor has, the better.

Internally, the base unit is lined with a sound-absorbing material; it muffles the noise.

Smooth running induction motors, internal sound absorption materials, and quiet-touch intuitive power buttons help to reduce sound levels.

Well-fitting, tight seals keep the majority of the noise created inside the mixing bowl.

Rubberized feet prevent sound from increasing as the waves reflect off hard kitchen surfaces. Rubber also has good sound absorption qualities.


A food processor is only as good as the blades it uses.

Stainless steel is the best option as it is rust-resistant and less likely to corrode.

A variety of blades, hooks, and slicing discs make the machine more versatile and capable of doing most food preparation. Using one machine for everything reduces cleanup time.

Wide feeding tubes save on prep times, and strong food pushers reduce food waste.

Models that include a storage case for blade systems reduce injury risk and save on time usually spent hunting for a particular blade.

A pulse function is a necessity. Short bursts of power prevent food from becoming over-processed and turning into pulp.

Ease of Use

When you are knee-deep in ingredients, navigating an intricate control panel is the last thing you need. Straight-forward, intuitive operation is a necessity in a busy kitchen.

Easy clean models usually consist of dishwasher safe parts. Submerging parts in warm, soapy water is equally efficient, providing they are allowed to air dry thoroughly before re-assembly.

Final Thoughts

Food processors take the effort out of food preparation and free up time. A quiet food processor does the same thing but in a comfortable environment where concentration nor conversation is interrupted.

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