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Quietest Breast Pumps of 2023: Express Discreetly

Breast pumps enable busy mums to express the maximum amount of milk in the minimum amount of time.

Quiet breast pumps ensure the operation is carried out discreetly, without disturbing friends, family, or work colleagues.

The Quiet Breast Pumps

babybuddha breast pump

1. Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump

Most breast pumps require the user to sit still, hook themselves up to the pump and run a tube into a collection bottle. These pumps revolutionize expressing milk.

Each unit comprises of five components that fit together within seconds. Everything sits snugly inside a nursing bra so the user can continue with her normal life, no cables, wires, or tubes to worry about.

As the milk is expressed it collects in the attached 150ml, BPA-free bottles. As the bottles fill, they are safe to store in the fridge or freezer and are also microwave-friendly.

The pumps are battery powered and need a device or a USB adapter to charge them. Restoring full-battery life takes around 2-hours, resulting in 6-8hours of battery life. A traffic light system shows when the battery is drained, full, or charging.

Once a full charge is achieved, connect the breast pumps to the free Elvie app via your phone. From here, the user has total remote control of all of the pump's features. It is possible to stop the pump at any time, however, the intellectual onboard sensor automatically stops operation when the bottle is full.

Not only does the app measure the milk in realtime as it pumps, but it also keeps an accurate record of the volume of milk each breast has previously produced.

Choose one of the 7-intensity settings to personalize the experience to your needs and comfort level.

Each kit contains 4-bottles and multiple accessories, including breast shields, and a bra adjuster. The pump is a close system operation, this provides maximum hygiene for you and your baby.

Elvie breast pumps are virtually silent' not just very quiet. The wearer can go about her day and friends, family, or colleagues need never know that she is expressing milk.

With both hands-free and remote operation, the Elvie are the smallest, lightest, and most discreet quiet breast pumps available.

2. BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

If comfort and portability are high on your list of requirements in a quiet breast pump, then the Baby Buddha deserves serious consideration.

The set comprises of 2-pumps that can be used simultaneously or individually or swap as you are expressing. There is a lanyard supplied that holds the power unit, enabling total hands-free operation. The pump runs so smoothly and quietly that you can rock a sleeping baby without fear of disturbing them. It emits a tiny 50dB, that is whisper quiet.

The Buddha breast pump runs on battery power; the mini USB cable has 90-mins pumping time from a 4-hour charge. The battery should outlive the pump as it has a life expectancy of 800-1000hours. The breast pump is safe to use even as it is charging.

It has 14-variable settings, 5 are massage modes, 9 are pump modes, so the user has total control over the speed and volume of expression.

Milk collects in 140ml BPA-free bottles with wide necks. Multiple other brands fit on the system, as do storage bags.

Buddha Baby seems to have taken every care in offering new mums the most comfortable system. Not only is it easy to use, but the silicon cushions and soft flange covers prevent the bane of every feeding mum's life, cracked and sore nipples. Once you have found your correct attachment position and perfect setting, the pump's strong suction can leave a breast feeling empty in less than half of the time it takes similar models.

The closed system design is the safest for you and your baby. Anti-backflow prevents milk from becoming contaminated; it also allows the user to sit or stand in a comfortable position. Other models that don't prevent backflow require the wearer to lean forward unnaturally.

It is the smallest and most portable breast pump of its type. The adjustable remote power unit needs only one hand, a godsend when you're feeding.

It is safe, comfortable, and easy to use. It is portable; pop everything into the supplied drawstring bag and take it along with you.

3. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Tote

Medela has been a breastfeeding advocate since 1962 and is constantly designing and upgrading products to help busy new mums and those returning to work.

The Medela breast pump and all of its accessories come in a choice of three bags. There's a nifty backpack, a metro bag, or a tote from which to choose from. Each of them are well made and look great.

Inside is all of the necessary equipment plus space for other everyday essentials such as purses, keys, or extra bottles. Inside there is a removable cooler bag and an ice pack to keep any expressed milk cool until it can be refrigerated.

There are two pumps to be used together or individually. When they are safely attached, the user can throw the bag over her shoulder and get on with her day.

The Medela pump is very efficient. Its patented 2-phase expression technology maximizes flow, producing more milk in less time. Adjusting the vacuum and speed is simple, whether you're using the pump in or out of the bag.

It is electric-powered, so there is no need to worry if you urgently need to express if the battery has died. Once connected to the AC adapter it is ready to use. If you prefer to use the pump on the go, it also runs off 8 AA batteries.

It has a closed motor, preventing milk from being drawn into it. The pump system isn't closed, which suits many new mums as they feel the suction isn't affected and is much more powerful. The system has an extra power pump button to clean the tubes after expression. Allowing the pump to run for an extra cycle or two once detached helps to keeps the pipes hygienically clean and free from condensation.

Ardent Medela fans will know that they aren't usually the quietest breast pumps available – until now. The Advance pump is significantly less noisy. While not silent, the noise it emits is a gentle, humming sound, akin to a cat's purr. This soothing noise combined with the soft flanges for comfortable pumping can send a new mum into a blissful 10-minute nap while she expresses.

The Medela is the one of the best in terms of portability and has unrivaled suction capabilities. A hands-free pumping bra is all that is needed for the busiest mums to carry on regardless.

4. Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Breast Pump

If you seem to spend half of your waking hours expressing and can't afford to put your feet up for that long, take a look at the Ameda MYA breast pump.

The motor weighs less than half a pound and fits in the palm. Slip it into your pocket, strap on a hands-free pumping bra, and carry on with your day.

It has rechargeable batteries and a full charge lasts for 2-hours. No need to feel tethered to an outlet or to worry about carrying a heavy motor around.

If the battery should run low during expression, connect it to AC power with no fear of disrupting the milk flow.

The MYA has 10-different expression levels, but with hospital strength suction you should never need to use the highest setting – even when using both pumps.

The memory function stores the last known settings, not that every pumping session is the same; that's why Phase 2 technology makes the system fully customizable. Comfort and maximum efficiency are paramount, particularly during let-down with the 5-adjustable massage settings.

At only 45dB, the MYA is very quiet during operation. The user can pump discreetly at home or work without fear of disturbing anyone.

It is a convenient and easy to use breast pump; the closed system ensures it is a safe system for baby and mum. Multiple other brand accessories can fit this base model. Ameda has a wide variety of their own available, including a tote bag for the busy mom on the go.

5. Spectra Baby USA Breast Pump

When breastfeeding moms, nurses, and lactation consultants design a quiet breast pump, be assured that this product is going to be good.

The Spectra s2 is quiet enough not to wake a sleeping baby – a serious consideration. If you need to express throughout the night, it has an inbuilt night light with 2-dimness options. Just enough to see what you're doing without disturbing anyone who is sleeping.

The s2 arrives in full kit form; everything is included for a new mom to begin their breastfeeding journey. Flanges, bottles, lids, and teats, even silicone inserts for the flanges make up the kit. They are possibly the best thing about the pump as they provide maximum comfort levels even when suction levels are set too high.

Any part of the equipment that comes into contact with the milk is BPA-free; the bottles are fridge and freezer safe.

Operating the s2 pump is a breeze. Touch button operation and dial easily adjust settings and suction strength. Finding the most effective speed and rhythm for maximum comfort and milk output takes a few short moments.

With hospital-grade suction, this single or double breast pump expresses larger volumes of milk than many of its competitors. With 2 Phase cycling in let-down and expression mode to stimulate milk flow, it is the most accurate replication of a suckling baby. There is no pulling, just a gentle, soothing massage results in optimum milk flow.

The pump itself weighs less than 3-pounds and has a comfy grip handle. It runs off AC power and comes with an adapter.

The True closed system prevents any backflow of milk towards the pump and its components, ensuring easy cleanup and little if any maintenance.

Listen to word of mouth from your breastfeeding friends and mom circles. There is a lot of hype around the Spectra s2, many women thinking it outperforms better-known brands that cost twice as much.

What Factors Make a Breast Pump Quiet

There are multiple factors worthy of consideration when choosing a quiet breast pump:

Noise Levels

The decibel rating should give you an idea of just how quiet you can expect the process to be. Quiet breast pumps enable life to go on undisturbed around the user.

Typical average decibel ratings fall between 45-60 dB.


The speed at which a new mom can express milk is paramount if they have to pump multiple times per day. As long as it is comfortable, a powerful breast pump that fastest empties the most milk is worth its weight in gold.


Open style systems requires more maintenance as the tubes need to be cleaned and sterilized after each use. Failure to do so could cause the milk to become contaminated and for condensation to build up in the tubes.

Single or Double

Dual breast pumps express 18% more milk on average. It is the ideal solution for parents of hungrier babies or twins.


Some high-end pumps have a pad that slips discreetly inside a nursing bra. They allow the new mum to carry on with her day, discreetly.

Open Pump System vs Closed Pump System

Although not a medical definition, breast pump manufacturers use these terms to describe whether there is a barrier between the breast pump and any expressed milk.

For a vacuum-style pump to work effectively, there has to be a certain amount of airflow, so no system is entirely closed.

Closed System

closed breast pump system

Closed systems are the safest and most hygienic method because an overflow barrier prevents excess milk from collecting within the pump mechanism and other components. These areas are prone to mold and bacteria formation resulting in illness for the new mum and baby.

Milk travels the most hygienic route without coming into contact with any parts of the pump.

In modern pumps, the barrier is between the shield and the tubing for maximum hygiene protection and overflow prevention.

Not only are closed system breast pumps easier to keep clean and to maintain, but they afford the user a more comfortable sitting position.

Open System

open breast pump system

With no barrier to prevent them, an open system may allow impurities into the milk, causing contamination. The tubes are particularly susceptible and require thorough cleaning and sterilizing after each use.

If cleaning is carried out correctly, the chances of contamination are exceptionally low.

Some women prefer an open system as a barrier that can stifle milk flow. Open system breast pumps often have great suction power and greater effectiveness.

Final thoughts

New babies are hungry and need constant feeding. If you don't have the time, have to go out to work, or want a partner to get in on the feeding experience, breast pumps are the answer.

Manual breast pumps are available, and while they are undoubtedly quieter to operate, they are much slower and require lots of exertion.

Quiet breast pumps allow even the busiest new mom to express milk discreetly without disturbing anyone, whether that be a work environment, a sleeping baby, or friends and family.

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