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Quietest Blenders of 2023: Home and Commercially!

Blenders are exceptionally versatile pieces of kitchen equipment. They're capable of performing multiple task; From blending a healthy smoothie to pureeing baby food.

While blenders are efficient at their task, they do so in a manner that's noisy. Very noisy.

If you own a cafe or restaurant, the nuisance noise could be enough to drive regular customers away. The same applies at home, most blenders are loud enough to wake sleeping house-mates.

Both the home-kitchen and commercial applications can benefit from a quiet blender. Let's explore blenders that are capable of pulverizing with the best, albeit quietly.

The Quiet Blenders

48 oz
20/32 oz
32 oz

1. Vitamix Quiet One Blender 

The Vitamix, The Quiet One blender is designed with restaurants, bars, and cafes in mind. However, it shouldn't solely be considered for commercial use as it's an impressive blender that's perfect for the home.

It is operated via a series of light-touch, low-profile buttons and has a digital screen that displays settings.

It is a beverage blender that easily pulverizes soft to the most fibrous fruits and vegetables to make smoothies, frappes, and frozen drinks, in record time.

It utilizes 6 pre-programmed buttons, the lowest setting is capable of preparing 'thin' juice drinks in 15-seconds, whereas, on number-6, it takes just 30-seconds to mix the perfect smoothie, and that includes crushing the ice cubes. There are 34-optimized programs along with 93-variable speeds to ensure perfect consistency.

The Advance Blade container is made from Tritan – a BPA-free polymer renowned for its excellent durability and sound reduction properties.

It has a large 48oz capacity but other smaller Vitamix containers are also compatible with the centering pad. It has an ergonomic pitcher-style design to assist easy-pour and to prevent unnecessary dripping. Precise measurement markings ensure fool-proof recipe results.

The most impressive feature of the blender has to be the noise or lack thereof. With multiple technologies employed to keep sound at a bare minimum, it's possible to have a regular-level conversation whilst stood alongside the Vitamix in full-operational mode.

A patented air management system, powerful 3-peak output motor, and an integrated sound-reducing pad are some of the damping techniques that make this the quietest blender around. The most visual sound-reducing aid is the enclosure that seals around the blender container. It is easy to use, via a twist and lock mechanism, and simple to clean.

With a motor-life time, to tell you how many hours or cycles the blender has performed, and a simple over-heating prevention system, this powerful, made in America blender would complement the busiest kitchen environments. The employees and customers need never know it's there.

Just one more word. Excellent.

2. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

If you've ever experienced a refreshing drink at Jamba Juice and wanted to replicate the taste at home, the lifestyle brand has made that possible. Jamba has released a range of kitchen blenders for use at home to encourage more healthy and active life choices.

With an all-metal coupling gear and a powerful 1.6HP motor, the blender makes light work of vegetables and fruit, for smoothies and shakes, and kinds of butter, sauces, and soups.

The stainless steel blade cut from 1-piece of metal is incredibly sharp and powers through tough vegetables and ice cubes with ease. With a simple twist of the power dial for variable speed or a push for the pulse function, you can blend, mix, crush, grind, or puree various ingredients.

It is supplied with 2-blender containers. The first is made from a thick, BPA-free polymer that looks and behaves like glass, with the exception that it is shatter-proof. It has clear measurement markings to help with multiple recipes. The second container is a single serving travel beaker, with a handy, locking flip lid, and drinking spout. Lock it into position on the blender plate loaded with healthy ingredients in the morning. Go and brush your teeth, upon your return you will have a delicious smoothie to grab and go.

The noise-dampening enclosure greatly reduces sound, by approximately 7dB. Even when crushing ice cubes it is possible to have a conversation next to the machine with no need for raised voices. The shield can be removed if you're home alone and don't mind a little noise. Every part of the blender that is removable is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. If you prefer not to, half fill the blender with warm, soapy water and give it a 30-second blitz. Once thoroughly dried you will have a hygienically clean container.

With an 18" profile, the Jamba blender can comfortably fit beneath kitchen cabinets. The contemporary polished stainless steel power unit will enhance any setting. The 5-year limited warranty offers plenty of peace of mind, and if it is peace that you desire, this sound-reducing quiet blender should be given serious consideration.

3. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

The Hamilton Beach blender is a powerful model; it has a 2.0HP, 1500w motor, that when combined with hardened stainless steel blades, fears nothing. Frozen fruits and ice cubes take seconds to grind to make the most refreshing summer smoothies, juices, and frappes.

It is capable of much more than blending; it chops, grinds to any texture, and can puree to your chosen consistency. This makes it the perfect blender for small portions of healthy food for weaning babies. With its large 32oz capacity, there is copious space for several portions.

Soups and sauces mix to an even consistency with the help of the included tamper.

The blender has a noise damping enclosure. It simply clicks into place over the top of the blender and vastly reduces the sound emitted. The kitchen immediately becomes a more peaceful and relaxed environment, even during tough vegetable chopping or ice crushing duties.

Operating the blender couldn't be easier. There are no awkward settings to be concerned about, instead, blending speed is controlled to perfection via a dial. With 3000-18000rpm, ingredients are mixed at up to an eye-watering 105mph.

It's possible to switch the power on, choose 1 of the 4-pre-programmed settings, choose the speed, and walk away. The pitcher sits securely within the base unit and won't jump about. If all you require is a quick blitz, there is a pulse function that can be used across the entire speed range. This gives the user total control over the texture of the finished product.

The blender is simplicity itself, 1-touch convenience and effortless control. With an easy-clean setting and dishwasher safe removable parts, this is an excellent choice for a family, a truly versatile blender.

4. Blendtec Professional Blender

You might recognize Blendtec as one of the big names within the blending industry. We have reviewed the Vitamix equivalent model, let's see how this holds up against it.

Firstly, the promise of quiet blending is adhered to. The large, sturdy enclosure snaps into place and immediately dampens any noise to a barely audible whirr. Similarly, it clips off easily to enable fast and easy cleanup. That applies to all of the removable parts, they are all top-rack dishwasher safe, equally, they are easy to clean by hand. The self-cleaning cycle requires 2 drops of detergent and some water to return the blending jug to new.

The jug itself has unique design; it is 5-sided. This prevents any ingredients from settling on the sidewalls as everything is automatically pulled towards the blade. It negates the need for a tamping tool. The blade also differs from any that we have seen thus far, it has blunt ends, not sharp blades. Whilst this may seem curious, it extends their service-life enormously as they are 80% thicker and up to 20X stronger than similar brands.

They are forged from the toughest steel and efficiently pulverize even the toughest ingredients in a few seconds. They also enable very effective cleaning without the fear of accident or injury.

This is an exceptionally versatile blender that many professional settings wouldn't be without. Along with the expected actions of a blender, you can add soup-making(add cold ingredients, friction, and blending combine to make a hot soup) or ice-cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbets for tasty desserts. Speaking of desserts, the blender is capable of mixing beautifully smooth batters for crepes, pancakes, and waffles. It can even knead dough to perfection.

The smooth interface provides a 1-touch operation. With 11-speeds and a touch slider, control is effortless. There are multiple preprogrammed cycles and countdown is shown on an LCD screen to always keep you in control.

With a large 90oz, BPA-free container that has a 36oz blending capacity, this is a solidly made, modern, and reliable blender.

The recently extended 10-year warranty is a bonus too. It's indicative of a company that stands behind their products.

5. Optimum Vacuum Blender

The Optimum Vortex blender employs Vacuum technology to remove all of the air from the jug before the blending process begins. This reduces oxidation of the ingredients and almost entirely eliminates the frothy foam that often settles at the top of a healthy smoothie.

It also serves to prolong the life of the drink while preserving freshness, nutrients, and flavor, for up to 72-hours. For people with a busy lifestyle this is the blender for preparing and refrigerating a healthy drink for later.

It has a 2238w motor that supplies exceptional strength and power, particularly when combined with the set of 6-stainless steel blades. Mixing, pureeing, and blending is a breeze, and with the use of the pulse function, precise chopping and dicing are easily achieved.

The metal gear-drive socket is driven by a powerful motor. The extraordinary speeds of the blade create friction heat that can turn vegetables into hot soup within a few minutes. Equally, in the correct setting, the same speed can turn frozen ingredients into ice creams and sorbets in seconds. They rotate at excessive speeds, giving the ice no chance to melt.

The Optimum Vortex is capable of mixing both wet and dry ingredients in the large 2-liter, BPA-free Tritan jug. Although the blender has no designated noise-reduction enclosure, the motor runs smoothly and has added insulation to make it naturally quieter than many similar models.

There are 15 pre-programmed settings on an easy to operate control panel. With auto-blend settings in 35, 60 and 90-second increments, the user doesn't need to stand with their finger on a button throughout the operation.

This contemporary-styled machine was designed to exacting Australian standards and remains their best-selling blender. With a 10-year motor, and 5-year parts and labor guarantee, this solidly built, reliable could be a staple part of a busy professional environment or a family kitchen for several years.

What to Look for in a Quiet Blender

silent blender

Features and specifications can vary greatly across the many blender brands. Sadly, most brands see 'quiet' as an added premium and therefore expect increased costs.

Noise Levels

As obvious as it may seem, the major factor when looking to purchase a quiet blender should be the noise it generates. Most manufacturers won't give you a measurement in decibels, but with a little investigative work, you are bound to find a YouTube video and can listen for yourself.

Many quiet blenders feature a smart enclosure. This is usually a transparent, solid plastic case that sits over the blending jug and effectively dampens any noise emitted to a very acceptable level.

Manufacturers add insulation material such as rubber to key parts of the blender to both dampen and absorb motor sounds.

Motor Power

The size and power of the motor define the blender's ability to work effectively. Powerful motors and high-quality blades combine to produce high torque that enables the toughest foods to be chopped without putting the motor under unnecessary duress.

Blade Quality and Speed

The blade speed is controlled by the gear drive system and the motor. Greater speed or RPM, enables faster and more efficient blending.

Models with increased power output can create enough heat via friction, to transform previously raw ingredients into a delicious hot soup. Similarly they can make excellent frozen desserts such as ice creams and sorbets.

Blades should be made of the highest-quality stainless steel for strength, durability, and rust-resistant properties. Not all blades are sharp, see the Blendtec model for example, but those that are should be regularly maintained so as not to impede performance.


Beware, not all blenders will fit beneath standard kitchen cabinets. Check the dimensions of your chosen blender to ensure it will.

The capacity of the blender jug also varies between models, consider this if you need to blend a smoothie for each day, or prepare soup for the family.


'Limited', the word that features in many warranties and means you should take a look at the small print to see what is covered.

Most often, companies that offer very long warranties of 5+ years on electrical appliances, really believe in their product and aren't afraid to back it.

Further Ways Reduce Noise Levels of a Blender

quiet blender

The most powerful blenders emit exceptionally high amounts of noise, some operate at 93dB. That is equivalent to the noise the gardener hears whilst pushing a power mower.

There are measures worth attempting if you can no longer bear the noise.

Move the blender as far away from a wall as possible. All sound waves are looking for a solid surface to bounce off and reflect into the room. Make their journey more difficult.

Double-folding a dishtowel beneath the blender will help to absorb much of the airborne noise that's created.

How Quiet Blenders are Constructed

If you've stuck with us until this point, you will have realized that a designated 'quiet' blender comes at a premium price. If you're wondering about the reason for the price hike, it helps to understand the technologies and equipment involved in noise reduction.

Energy Star Design

Powerful motors that achieve Energy Star design standards operate with less friction. Friction creates noise, so not only is sound-reduced, but the blender also becomes more energy-efficient.


State of the art insulation material is used to line the sound chamber within the base unit. It creates a lining that absorbs excessive noise.

Jar Construction

Recent years have seen the introduction of noise-reduction polymers as the material of choice for constructing blending jars.

They are shatter-proof materials that behave like glass but their thick construction prevents sound transmission. When combined with a tight-fitting seal, any sound created inside the jar, remains inside the jar.

Container-in-Container Design

This is the option of the most elite, and dare I say most expensive brands. By employing a sound enclosure or shield that surrounds the blending jug, and escaped sound waves are effectively trapped inside by creating dead-space. This is similar to how double or triple-paned windows work.

Increased costs arrive when manufacturers use a combination, if not all of these techniques to greatly reduce sound levels of a quiet blender.

Final thoughts

Whether you own a health club, work in the food-service industry, or want an appliance for your home, there are many benefits in owning a quiet blender.

Any piece of kitchen equipment that doesn't annoy staff, customers, or your household is surely worthy of investment.

Any multi-functional machine that can reduce food-preparation and cleanup time whilst being energy-efficient gets a big thumbs up. Particularly when we can stand and chat right next to them.

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