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ZYPPAH Review: Stop Snoring TODAY!

Somebody once said that snoring is just bragging about sleep. In fact, snoring has been a running gag in numerous TV shows and cartoons for years.

On a more serious note, we are more likely to get in a car accident as a result of fatigue. Scientists also claim that snoring may result in a stroke. Regardless of how snoring affects us, we need an effective and non-invasive solution. The question is — what should we use?

The Zyppah RX is pretty good answer to our question. This anti-snoring mouthpiece is gaining traction among consumers. Let’s find out why!

Why Do We Snore?

Since everyone snores for different reasons, it’s hard to pinpoint only one root cause. What we do know is that snoring is the result of air obstruction in your nose and throat. Basically, the obstruction causes the surrounding tissue to vibrate and make that characteristic sound. The position of your tongue can impede normal breathing, as well.

There are several factors involved in snoring. Most commonly, snoring boils down to how narrow our nasal and throat cavities are. As we approach middle age, our throat becomes more narrow. Also, our throat muscles become less toned.

Snoring is also related to a sinus problem. A stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe and creates a kind of vacuum in our throat. Then, there is also our sleeping posture — snoring is usually related to lying flat on our back. And speaking of throat problems, smoking and alcohol intake are the usual suspects.

Sleep Apnea

Now, this is where it gets pretty serious. Sleep apnea is much more than common snoring. The symptoms of the disorder are either shallow breathing or pauses in breathing followed by a loud snore.

We’re afraid it gets even worse, as sleep apnea also manifests itself through headaches, lack of attention, and excessive sleepiness. In other words, those who suffer from it feel exhausted even after a good night’s sleep.

Review of the Zyppah Mouthpiece

zyppah snoring solution

This nifty mouthpiece should fix your snoring problems, as well as certain types of apnea. Basically, it secures your tongue and supports your jaw. By keeping your airways open, it will instantly prevent you from snoring.

Interestingly enough, Zyppah takes an unusual two-sided approach in an effort to become the ultimate solution. A dentist’s inventionZyppah is a one-size-fits-all anti-snoring mouthpiece. The reason why it’s so adjustable is its use of the concept called “boil and bite.” All you need to do is heat it up and bite down. What’s left is an impression of your teeth, which makes Zyppah a custom fit for everyone.

We should note that any oral device that does not fit properly may lead to discomfort or even tooth damage. This is why Zyppah stands out among its competitors.

How Well Does It Perform?

It’s hard to judge its performance from a medical standpoint because the Zyppah RX hasn’t gone through any official tests. However, since it keeps your jaw in place, you can see how it can act as a preventive solution.

Usually, similar anti-snoring devices either only stabilize the tongue or move your jaw forward. The Zyppah mouthpiece is a 2-in-1 solution, as it does both of these things.

Does It Help With Sleep Apnea?

We have already explained that sleep apnea is a tricky disorder. That being said, we wondered if Zyppah could help treat it.

Unfortunately, we found that the device is only meant to prevent snoring, but not sleep apnea. However, they didn’t lose sight of this disorder. That is why they also offer the Zyppah Pro.

The main difference between the two is that the Pro version offers customized treatment of various types of obstructive sleep apnea. In fact, the Zyppah Pro might as well be a good substitute for modern-day CPAP machines. Other than that, both devices take advantage of the same principles.

Highlights of Zyppah

  • First of all, the FDA gave their approval of the device, which means it’s made from non-toxic material. Moreover, it doesn’t contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a common substance found in plastic. Speaking of its construction, we found that the device is pretty durable. While the Zyppah doesn’t last forever, a 9-month lifespan is more than enough.
  • The concept of “boil and bite” allows for endless customization options. That means you don’t have to worry too much about adjusting the device. However, we had to make sure to follow the instructions and take our time with it. Aside from being comfortable, the product has an eye-pleasing design, as well.
  • In most cases, snoring is the result of a constricted upper airway. However, the tongue also plays a minor role in the obstruction. Therefore, despite the tongue not being the major culprit, restraining it could certainly help relieve the problem.
  • Aside from its compactness, the Zyppah RX is also safe for your teeth. After all, the device is meant to relieve discomfort, not cause it. Yet, if you already have any dental problems, you should talk to your dentist before using the device.
  • Another thing we liked is the ease of maintenance. We had no problems cleaning the device, as all the spots are easy to reach.
  • Finally, if you don’t like how the product performs, you can always return it and get your money back. At least, that’s what the manufacturer claims. However, we aren’t entirely sure of that, since some users have had difficulties getting a refund.

Drawbacks of Using Zyppah

  • Not to say that we are stating the obvious, but there isn’t a single device that works for everyone. We can say that this is more of a fact than a drawback/ In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences. Basically, we can never know if something will work for you unless you try it.
  • Your tongue and jaw may initially become sore. As is the case with our previous complaint, the same happens with almost every mandibular advancement device (MAD) out there. That being said, the device does take some time to get used to. It all depends on how quickly you adapt to it.
  • Speaking of discomfort, we are aware that sleeping with the device in your mouth may be difficult at first. After all, it’s an unusual sensation that you are generally not accustomed to. As such, it may take you a few days to form a habit of wearing it. Moreover, the tongue restraint can also be a stumbling block for some.
  • In relation to our medical insurance, we are certain that it doesn’t include Zyppah. The truth is, it covers only those devices that you buy through your dentist. However, this is not true for the Pro version, since it’s a custom-fitted MAD.

Positive User Experiences

Fortunately, Zyppah has helped many people overcome their snoring problems. Some of them have even used the device for years, which is indicative of its benefits. Moreover, the “boil and bite” feature has received a lot of praise. In fact, the device is a tight fit, and the material is extremely pliable.

As for how comfortable it is, most users said that it felt natural in their mouth. The device didn’t rub against their gums or cause any soreness. Of course, they all agreed that it was a little uncomfortable at first, but that the feeling didn’t last for more than a few days. Users were also amazed at how easy it was to clean the device. Most of them said a denture tablet would do the trick.

There were also the users who bought the device for their significant other. In fact, we were happy to hear that the device allowed many couples to sleep peacefully next to one another. Interestingly enough, some users even say the device saved their marriage. However, we’ve decided to take those claims with a grain of salt.

Last but not least, almost every customer praised the device for its looks. While mouthguards are definitely not fashion accessories, they certainly loved the choice of color.

Negative User Experiences

Of course, not everybody liked the product that much. For instance, many people have reported gagging the first time they used it. For others, the device was pretty uncomfortable to wear.

On a similar note, there were complaints of the device triggering the salivary reflex. In other words, the users’ mouths started filling up with saliva immediately after insertion. While this is specific to the individual, it is still worth mentioning.

Even though most users could breathe just fine with the device in place, others found it difficult to do so. Moreover, they had a hard time keeping the device in place.

Speaking of helping our loved ones, there were also reports of the product being completely ineffective. In fact, many wives have complained that it did nothing to prevent their husbands from snoring. However, we should keep in mind that it depends on the individual.

Users have also suggested that the mouthpiece needs more tapering. On top of that, some people have reported increased sensitivity to spices and carbonated drinks.

Finally, some went on to say that we shouldn’t trust every customer review out there. However, we’ll let our readers be the judge of that.

How Does Zyppah Compare to Similar Products?

zyppah compared

The Advantages

As far as the price goes, Zyppah is more expensive than the Eliminator PRO, for example. However, most users consider the difference more than fair. That is because Zyppah covers two factors that lead to snoring, instead of just one.

In fact, NBC Nightly News made a head-to-head comparison of several anti-snoring devices. Subsequently, they declared Zyppah the winner. Aside from being the most effective, it was also the best-designed mouthpiece. In our opinion, they could have also done a more detailed review, but it’s clear that the device performs.

In comparison to SnoreRX, the device proved to be a better choice for those with a stronger jawline. Zyppah also stood out regarding its compactness and a 90-day trial period. That is especially good for those who want to determine if their tongue is the main cause of their snoirng

Zyppah also wins against PureSleep regarding maintenance. PureSleep resulted in cracks and crevices that required more attention. On the other hand, Zyppah was pretty accessible and easy to clean. Perhaps the greatest advantage of using Zyppah was the fitting process. While PureSleep is harder to adjust, Zyppah allows for easier customization.

The Disadvantages

A comparison between Zyppah and Vital sleep reveals one core flaw with the former. Namely, while Zyppah is indeed pliable, it doesn’t allow for minor adjustments. In addition, we’ve noticed that it pushes the jaw forward a bit too much, which may cause discomfort.

It’s also worth noting that Zyppah doesn’t fare well in terms of longevity either. Even though it will last a good 6 to 9 months, its lifespan is still short in comparison to other, cheaper mouthpieces.

Earlier, we mentioned that Zyppah could also replace a CPAP machine. Even though a CPAP machine can cost a fortune (between $200 and $3000), it is much more durable. In fact, a CPAP machine comes with many different features, as well as up to 8 years of use. In that case, maybe a CPAP machine is a better alternative.

The Bottom Line on Zyppah

Before we bring our review to an end, let us do a quick recap of the notable features. Namely, they advertise the device as the ultimate solution to snoring. It’s easy to customize and easy to maintain. The device also brings something new to the table — the tongue strap. Therefore, it can eliminate two causes of snoring. Moreover, the device comes in a choice of colors, while also keeping things simple.

All things considered, Zyppah is worth trying out. The fact that it adjusts to the wearer is definitely a plus. Even though we couldn’t fully adjust it, we can say that our time with the product was well spent. We’ve come across a flurry of user comments that are mostly positive too.

However, we would like to note that it all comes down to what you find comfortable. One device can’t meet everyone’s needs. In that case, we’d like our readers to take both the negatives and the positives as general guidelines only.

We hope the review has helped our readers make a decision on whether Zyppah is worth their money and time. At the end of the day, it was worth ours.


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