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How to Sleep Next to Someone Who Snores: Is it Possible?

Snoring usually leads to two major problems. The first one relates to the fact that the person in question is not sleeping well, might have sleep apnea, or is generally being too loud. Meanwhile, the second one focuses on the partner not being able to sleep.

As you probably already know, not getting enough sleep can lead to a number of issues in your everyday life. You could have a hard time concentrating on simple tasks, or you might be sleepy and moody all the time.

So what can you do? Well, there are a few methods you could try and finally get some peace and quiet at night.

How to Sleep Next to a Snoring Partner: Methods

1. Roll Them Over

Most snorers tend to sleep on their backs. Thus, when you find yourself sleeping next to a particularly loud snorer, it would be best to try this method first.

However, be gentle, as you don’t want them to wake up. You only need to push them a little bit so that they would roll over. Once on their side, they will probably snore less or not at all.

Furthermore, some snorers also react to a simple touch. If that’s what they react to, then that would obviously be a good idea as well. But remember — whatever you do, don’t just kick them and wake them up. Snoring is not a voluntary action, so they aren’t even aware of it.

2. Earplugs

One of the most effective ways of sleeping through the night next to someone who snores is to use earplugs.

You can find suitable earplugs in most pharmacies, and you can pick from a variety of choices. Some of the best ones are those that adjust to your ear and are made of wax. However, be careful whenever you’re using them, as they can sometimes hurt your ears.

3. White Noise Machines

The beauty of white noise machines is that they can easily distract you and help you be less aware of the snoring.

That isn’t to say that they will completely cancel out the rumbling sounds. You will still be able to hear some of them. But you will pay less attention to the snoring and more to the noise that the machine is producing.

White noise machines are also fantastic for sleeping in general, as they can quickly soothe your mind and your thoughts. Thus, even when you are home alone, you can still use them and get a proper night’s sleep.

4. Talk to Them About Changing Their Lifestyle

Most of the time, people snore because they are either drinking alcohol often or enjoying cigarettes. Furthermore, obesity is a known snoring trigger as well, as the neck is the area where overweight people tend to pile on the excess fat.

Therefore, if the snorer is getting a bit chubby and indulging in bad habits, the best thing you can do is talk to them. See if they can change their lifestyle a bit and improve their sleeping pattern. That way, both of you will be well-rested in the morning, rather than cranky.

5. Sleep in a Separate Bedroom

No one will blame you or think that you are a bad partner, sister, brother or friend if you decide to sleep in a separate bedroom. After all, a good night’s sleep is indispensable if we want to function properly in the morning and avoid headaches and mood swings.

Nevertheless, this decision is not an easy one. The snorer might feel neglected and as if you don’t love them anymore. If that’s the case, just have a frank conversation with them and explain why you need to sleep separately.

You will be spending about 8 hours in separate bedrooms, which isn’t a lot when you think about it. What’s more, you can always add more activities to your schedule and make sure that you’re spending quality time with them during the day.

Clayton Dillon
Clayton, like millions of people, suffers from issues related to sleep. After decades of poor sleep and hundreds of hours of independent research, he decided to create a resource and share his findings with fellow snorers.
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