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Best Silent Alarm Clocks of 2023: Wake Up Peacefully

Silent alarm clocks come in many guises. Alarms that use gentle vibrations or soft light tend to provide a more natural wake-up routine and create minimal disturbance for others sleeping close by.

No-one enjoys setting an alarm clock for an early morning wake-up call at the best of times. Compounded by the fact that most alarms jolt and startle you awake from your reveries, leaving your heart-pounding and feeling disoriented. It is not the best start to any day.

The Silent Alarm Clocks

Philips SmartSleep alarm clock
LIELONGREN alarm clock

1. Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

The Philips wake up light has so many attributes and sleep assisting properties that you might struggle to find any better silent alarm clock.

Inspired by the pattern of the sun, it recreates sun sets and rises to not only provide a soothing wake up call but also to aid drifting off to sleep.

Twenty light intensities help to accommodate users and their comfort level. It is a matter of setting the timer for your favored wake-up time and when you'd like the 'sun' to begin to rise. There are four options: 15, 30, 45, and 60-minutes.

At this point, the light very gradually brightens through a gamut of colors, ranging from deep reds, warm oranges, until it reaches bright sunshine yellow. There are 1-million stages of light; unlike other models, the increase won't be jumpy; instead, it is a smooth journey from darkness to light. The transition is seamless. Waking up is a gradual, steady process, leaving you ready to face the day ahead.

You can choose to have additional sounds to accompany the light if that's your preference. Birds in the forest, zen garden, and gentle piano are just some of the options.

The Wake-up light has an inbuilt FM radio that plays once the light is fully bright, or independently.

For those that struggle with falling to sleep, the sunset settings reduce the lighting gradually to soothe you off to slumber. As the room becomes darker, the light intuitively dims. It has a dimmable clock, low enough to be seen but not enough to be intrusive.

The Philips light has a memory function that restores settings after a power outage.

It is pleasing to look at; its soft curves complement any room. The warm glow that it emits is the ideal nightlight, powerful enough to read but not enough to overstimulate your eyes.

The rubber feet keep it steady on a nightstand, even when you're reaching across to the touch screen snooze function.

Overall, this is an alarm clock that can make a marked improvement in your sleep pattern, mood, and energy levels, albeit quietly.

2. Lielongren Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

You may find it strange a product with the words "loud alarm" in its title. However, it's sort of a misnomer.

The Lielongren alarm is a modern looking clock with a vivid display screen, ideal for those with vision problems. It connects via a 5-foot cable and comes complete with a battery compartment for 2AA batteries. These serve as a backup power should you suffer a power outage.

It is a user-friendly clock, setting the time, date, and alarms is a breeze. There are 2-alarm buttons, enabling the user to set two individual alarms for couples that need to get up at different times of the day.

It also has weekend and weekday settings. If you've never had this luxury and unnecessarily woken at 6 am because you forgot to switch the alarm off, it is a feature that you will appreciate.

The dimmer dial turns the LED down to an ultra-low level to reduce the brightness of the display screen.

Atop the unit is a snooze button that gives a valuable 5-minutes extra sleep after each actuation.

There are three alarm settings:

Firstly, the buzzer; The clock emits a beeping sound that gets progressively louder until it is snoozed or switched off.

Secondly, there is a vibration pad that tucks beneath a mattress or pillow. The intensity increases as long as the alarm sounds.

The third setting is a combination, enabling them to work independently of the other.

The vibration pad has a generous 6 feet long cable to ensure it reaches from the nightstand to any area of the mattress. It is a small and relatively flat design; it doesn't hinder sleep – until it goes off.

It is an excellent alarm clock available at an affordable price. The dual USB ports are the icing on the cake, no need to run multiple cables to charge devices.

3. LBell Wake-Up Light

The LBell wake-up light has seven varying sound settings that are programmable to begin when the light has finished its full cycle and goes into daylight mode. It can take anywhere from 10 to 60-minutes, depending on your personal preference.

The sounds include ocean waves, streams, birdsong, and wind chimes. The 8th setting is an FM radio that stores up to 40 of your favorites stations.

The light cycle is soft and gentle; its intensity increases quite gradually from shades of red, orange until it achieves bright daylight yellow. Instead of being startled awake, the alarm naturally brings you out of sleep.

There is a wide range of other colors available. If you're using the clock as a bedside light or table lamp, there are various pastel shades to choose from to alter the ambiance of the room.

It also has a USB port to charge a device from and anti-slip feet to ensure it stays where it should.

There are two alarm settings to use for weekdays and weekends, or if two people share the same clock. Snooze time is a generous 9-minutes.

When it is time to sleep, the LBell gradually fades to darkness, closely simulating the setting of the sun.

It is a wise addition to any home and is a viable alternative to the Philips model. The LBell wake-up clock might not have the same seamless color flow, but it does have a second-life as a color-changing lamp.

4. Vibio - Wireless Bedshaker Alarm

If you don't need to replace an existing alarm clock but still need further assistance in waking up quietly, the Vibio is worthy of consideration.

The system relies on a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. By downloading the free Vibio app, you open a whole variety of settings to personalize the experience.

The Vibio itself is a small, portable pad that the user places beneath their pillow. Depending on the chosen setting, it will gently nudge or vigorously shake them awake. With three intensity options: soft, medium, or strong, there is sure to be a mode to wake even the soundest sleeper.

For those that prefer a more natural wake up call, set the Vibio to 'increasing' whereby it begins at a gentle vibration and steadily inclines.

Vibration continues for 5-minutes unless the user pulls the snooze strap. One tug snoozes the unit; two stops the alarm.

The unit is rechargeable, with a single charge taking less than 2-hours and lasting up to 10-days. There is no need to worry if your phone battery dies during the night; the Vibio stores all of the settings and will still wake you in the morning.

There are multiple settings to choose from on the app. If you prefer sound along with vibration, there are lots of noise options. The volume of the sounds and the strength of the vibrating are all fully-programmable on the app.

It is possible to set multiple alarms for different times of the day, week, or month.

If you're taking a quick power-nap and don't want to miss calls or messages, there is an option in the alert tab to wake the user in their event.

Although the Vibio is designed with heavy sleepers and the hard of hearing in mind, its small size and light weight make it the perfect product for travelers and those often away from home. No matter where you are, be assured of a quiet wake-up call every day.

5. Coolfire Boom Vibrating Sweat Band Digital Alarm Watch

When your biggest concern about setting alarms is disturbing those around you, the silent Boom wrist band might be the best option for you.

Wear the wristband to bed, when the vibration occurs when the alarm sets off. It will wake you without disturbing your sleeping partner.

There are 3-vibration settings to choose from them; each of them is silent but effective.

The wristband is available in four color-ways: red, blue, black, and white. It houses a digital watch face with large, easy-to-read digits. The clearly labeled buttons make setting the times, dates, and alarms a breeze.

The Boom can store 6-different alarms daily, ideal for those with poor memories that need reminders at regular intervals.

The watch runs from a rechargeable lithium battery with a USB cable included to charge it. It takes 4-hours to achieve a full battery that can last for up to 10-days.

If you're concerned about the wristband holding onto sweat and becoming dirty or smelly over time, don't be. The watch face easily unclips for washing the wristband.

The Coolfire Boom is an inexpensive way to wake up heavy sleepers without disturbing anyone else. It is comfortable and easy to take anywhere.

For good measure, there is an inbuilt stopwatch to assist your fitness regime.

What to Look for in a Silent Alarm Clock

silent alarm clock

Alarm Style

Silent alarms employ light or vibration technology or a combination of both. Most also have a sound option that plays either alongside or after the other methods.

Light wake up alarms mimic the rising and setting of the sun to give the user a natural and gentle break from sleep.

Vibrating methods are a more forceful method, akin to someone shaking you. However, vibration strengths are adjustable for those that only need a gentle nudge.


Some products run on a tethered power supply while others have rechargeable batteries.

Battery backup on electric models is beneficial. In the event of a power failure, you still need to be confident in the abilities of the alarm to wake you.

Charging times and battery life differ between models.

The wireless connection needs a compatible smartphone and a downloaded app.

Sleep Therapy

Products that use light technology also aid sleeplessness. They can soothe the user to sleep naturally, resulting in a rested night.

Sounds have a similar effect. Silent alarms that play sounds of nature or babbling water are renowned for having a calming and relaxing effect.


USB ports, color-changing lighting, FM radio, and a memory function that stores your last known settings are just some of the available additional features.

Final Thoughts

A silent alarm clock is beneficial to the sleep health and well-being of not just you but anyone that might sleep next to you.

When the day starts calmly, you feel ready to face the day ahead in much the same way.

The Philips Sunrise clock is our favorite product, but if this is beyond your budget, any of our other featured silent alarm clocks will wake you up quietly and efficiently.

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