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Dreams About Toilets: What Do They Mean?

As famed neurologist Sigmund Freud hypothesized, our dreams are deeply connected to the real world and hold importance in our daily lives. These images often represent our wants or needs. Spiritually speaking, they can also represent our emotional strength and power.

While dreams about toilets aren't exactly a popular dream theme, some people do have them. Generally speaking, a toilet appearing in your dreams is regarded as a good omen.

However, like other symbolic representations, dreams can be perceived in a positive or negative context depending on the situational circumstances. For instance a toilet can be regarded as intimate and peaceful. It can also be associated with feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, shame, and fear.

How an object is portrayed in a dream usually suggests how the dreamer identifies with these items both consciously and unconsciously.

Toilet Dreams: General Symbolism

The following are the most common reasons people dream about toilets. While dreaming is a centered experience, these interpretations are common among dreamers:

If you're dreaming about toilets, it could be an indicator that you need privacy in your waking life. This privacy will help you to understand your emotions and how you're feeling. Inversely, it could also be an indicator that you feel like you're being watched or observed.

If you are using the toilet during a dream, it can symbolize that you might be going in a different direction soon. It may relate to a career change, a change in academics, or an inbound period of personal growth. If the toilet is blocked in your dream, it could be a sign of the fact that your own energy has been stuck in some way.

Flushing a toilet is connected to flushing your emotions, as well as finding peace and harmony in starting anew.

The following are less common dream themes about toilets. They are more specific in nature and might shed light on the specific meaning of your toilet related dream.

A Dirty Toilet

dirty toilet

Generally, a dirty toilet represents some sort of toxicity, whether in the people that surround you or even unresolved emotional conflicts, that you'll need to overcome to progress in your waking life.

Wherever the source of this toxicity takes root, a dirty toilet is a sign that your subconsciousness is under duress and that you need to sort these problems out.

At the same time, if you see an entire restroom with all the toilets being too dirty to use, it could also be an indication that you feel like you may be out of options/choices in your waking life.

While some people may readily look at this as a bad omen, it's actually one that provokes and inspires personal growth that generally leads towards a happy ending. Your subconsciousness is trying to send you the signals that you need to grow in a positive direction.

A Broken Toilet

broken toilet

In real life, a broken toilet suggests that there are materials or resources missing. The same can be said about our dreams. When something unexpected happens, like a toilet that just won't flush, you might be wondering how you didn't anticipate it, and as such, this sort of dream might be a sign of anxiety in your waking life.

This is also a sign of the fact that you might consider some aspect of your life to be "broken." This might be an indicator of strained relationships with friends, family, lovers, and those in your close social circles.

If you're having this dream, you might want to avoid gossip, and you should probably be wary of individuals that may be wearing you down emotionally. Furthermore, this dream can act as a sign that you're coming to terms with something you regret in your life.

Ultimately, the broken toilet represents your desire to move on with your life, no matter the stress at hand.

A Clean Toilet

clean toilet

If you're like most people, cleaning the toilet likely isn't your favorite ritual. Still, we need to do it in order to keep our space clean and sanitary.

The act of cleaning the toilet in your dream symbolizes the need to cleanse your life and living environment of negative energy. If you're dealing with negativity in your waking life it's likely time to put it in order. You may also feel the need to remove self-destructive thoughts or behaviors from your life.

A good way to act on this dream is to start by cleaning your home. This will help to give you peace of mind and reduce any stress or anxiety you have while you self-reflect.

Next, you need to put your friendships and your professional life in order. Cut out harmful or toxic energy, as well as anyone or anything that doesn't serve a positive purpose.

A Clogged Toilet

clogged toilet

If you're dreaming of a clogged toilet, this is an indicator that something in your waking life is holding you back or that you're holding yourself back from further growth and success.

You may feel like you keep taking one step forward only to take three steps back. It might even seem like you're stuck in an unsolvable situation and that there's no way to break through your mental or physical barriers.

The best thing to do if you're in this situation is to start by taking small steps towards resolution. Try one thing every day that improves your situation, or that will work toward your goals. Gradually, your problems will get smaller and smaller, and you'll be able to navigate your life with more ease.

A clogged toilet could also be a sign that you need to be more understanding of yourself and your mistakes or regrets. If your toilet is clogged, metaphorically speaking, you might have too much on your plate.

As noted above, situational circumstances also matter. Meaning the location of the dream can have an impact on the overall theme.

For instance If you dream about being in a public restroom with blocked toilets, this could indicate that you're experiencing low self-esteem or that your self-image is low. If multiple toilets are clogged it could signify a negative omen. It's a sign that you're struggling emotionally.

It's also a sign that you could be handling multiple stressors or problems at once, and that it's proving to be overwhelming. While you might feel stressed and overburdened, keep in mind that your ability to handle all of these problems at once shows just how capable and strong you are as an individual.

A clogged toilet could also mean that you have some unhealthy relationships in your life. Ironically, feces is symbolic of these unhealthy relationships, and this, combined with the blocked toilet, could mean that you feel stuck in these relationships.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself face to face with a toilet in your dreams, it can be incredibly confusing.

The good news is that while dreaming about toilets is uncommon, there are a number of explanations for why you could be dreaming about them.

You could be experiencing unhealthy relationships, fostering pent-up emotions, or you might even be handling multiple stressful situations at once.

To reiterate, dreams are a centered experience and the way you perceive the toilet plays a significant role in how you interpret its symbolic representation in your dream.

Pay attention to your actions during the dream, your emotions with the object, as well as the situational circumstances you found yourself in.

Bridget Rader
Bridget first started with dream interpretation in college. After studying the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, she wanted to interpret her own dreams. Bridget believes dreams are a centered experience. Her dream interpretations are meant to help decipher their potential meaning.
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