Can a Deviated Septum Cause Snoring

Snoring is an annoying habit, especially for those who are sharing a bed with a snorer. However, apart from being irritating, snoring can also be a sign of an underlying health issue. When there is a partial obstruction of the upper airway, snorers create vibratory... read more

8 Foods that Cause Snoring

Snoring is a huge issue for many people — almost half of the population snores at least occasionally. What’s more, most of us would do anything to get rid of this intrusive, annoying condition. Well, there might be a slight chance to improve it, if not completely get... read more

What are the Different Types of Snoring?

Snoring is, to some, an annoying habit they cannot seem to shake off. However, for others, it’s the one thing that keeps them up at night. No matter what we say about snoring, one thing’s for certain — not all snorers snore alike. Thus, it’s crucial to learn... read more

Is it Possible to Snore While Awake? Let’s find out

Today, we’re going to talk about those funny sounds people make when they sleep. Did you know that snoring isn’t limited to the state of being fast asleep? Not many people know this, but a person can snore even when they aren’t tucked under their blankets. One thing’s... read more

The Snoring Source

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