How to Sleep Next to Someone Who Snores: Is it Possible?

Snoring usually leads to two major problems. The first one relates to the fact that the person in question is not sleeping well, might have sleep apnea, or is generally being too loud. Meanwhile, the second one focuses on the partner not being able to sleep. As you... read more

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Sleep Deprivation?

Everyone knows how important sleep is, but very few people actually act in accordance with that knowledge. There are many things that keep us awake at night nowadays — our busy schedule, long working hours, and the need to thrive in both personal and professional life... read more

Is it Possible to Snore and Dream at the Same Time?

It’s been a matter of great discussion about whether people can snore and dream at the same time. If you check the internet sources, you’ll find that the community is very much divided on this subject. However, while there are no scientific facts that can fully... read more

Can a Deviated Septum Cause Snoring? Let’s Find Out!

Snoring is an annoying habit, especially for those who share a bed with a snorer. However, apart from being irritating, snoring can also be a sign of an underlying health issue. When there is a partial obstruction of the upper airway, snorers create vibratory noise —... read more

5 Ways to Determine If You Snore: Apps? Friends? Studies?

Surprisingly, many people who snore aren’t aware of that fact, especially if they live and sleep alone. After all, if there is nobody to tell you that you have a snoring problem, how would you know? However, once you start sharing a bed with someone, they will... read more

What are the Different Types of Snoring?

Snoring is, to some, an annoying habit they cannot seem to shake off. However, for others, it’s the one thing that keeps them up at night. No matter what we say about snoring, one thing’s for certain — not all snorers snore alike. Thus, it’s crucial to learn... read more

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