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Daniel Ayer

I’m a full-time sleeper and part-time writer. After dealing with a decade of sleep related problems I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with people who might be going through the same things. On SnoringSource I break down sleep topics and products and blog about them.

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ZYPPAH Review: Stop Snoring TODAY!

Somebody once said that snoring is just bragging about sleep. In fact, snoring has been a running gag in numerous TV shows and cartoons for years.On a more serious note, we are more likely to get in a car accident as a result of fatigue. Scientists also claim that...

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Is it Possible to Snore and Dream at the Same Time?

It’s been a matter of great discussion about whether people can snore and dream at the same time. If you check the internet sources, you’ll find that the community is very much divided on this subject. However, while there are no scientific facts that can fully...

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What are the Different Types of Snoring?

Snoring is, to some, an annoying habit they cannot seem to shake off. However, for others, it’s the one thing that keeps them up at night. No matter what we say about snoring, one thing's for certain — not all snorers snore alike. Thus, it’s crucial to learn more...

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Is Snoring Hereditary? Lets Take a Look!

Can you Inherit the Snoring "Gene"?Snoring is a problem for quite a few people around the world, not to mention their partners. It is one of the reasons why couples fight, why people are often moody after an 8-hour sleep, and why white noise machines are sometimes a...

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